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Master Xak has been a member since 07/16/2011
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PROFILE PAGE of world-class role-player and Award Winning*--Conversational Phone Advisor and Flirt:  MASTER XAK

*In his 4th year and two months of activity, Master Xak earned Top Performer Gold (awarded TWICE), Top Performer Silver (awarded TWENTY THREE times) and Top Performer Bronze (awarded THIRTY SEVEN times)

MGTOW: You are welcome and understood here.




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STEPHE: This guy likes to think he can steal my girl but he's always in for a rude awakening anytime he tries 'cause he's a light-in-the-loafers masturbating FAGGOT with a capital PH! He'll tell me he's 'spoken' to her at first but by the end he's begging me to fuck him so far up the ass that I can LIFT him up off the ground with my super firm DICK and parade him around literally impaled on it like a hood ornament. And then it's all creaming in his pants from there. No masculinity here. Nothing to see, move along now...

BLAKE: You're addicted to cash rape! It's so plain for anyone to see and it's really pathetic. You're a PANTS DOWN LOSER and I'll bet you have your slacks and underwear down at your ankles while you keep clicking to PAY. And it's only going to get worse. You can't resist my ptv mails and you know it! LOSER! And there's also the little matter of keeping what I know between just you and I...

MARC: Scrubbing on your hands and knees and seeing to it that your wife is ABSOLUTELY FUCKABLE for me anytime I want is your lot in life. You'll be polishing those leather boots of hers and hand washing and ironing every one of her sexy garments like the pathetic, beneath contempt cuckold that you are.

DAVE: The dark tan you've fitted for yourself shows off the world's most dramatic TAN LINES in those skimpy bikini briefs. Everyone notices your lily white ASS pressing back to be FUCKED by every pair of pants who sees.

JOHN: You toilet scrubbing porn and masturbation ADDICT! There's no depths to which you will not sink is there?

THE RAVE REVIEWS (Selected feedback from the listings):

..."Most intelligent man here. Our session was an orgy of obscene depravity. I didn't think it could get any hotter but MX plunged us into a cesspool of filth and lust. We soared to higher heights and lower depths than the human mind can comprehend." ...S*********r

..."Very uninhibited man. Can give you more than what you asked for. If you want to be roped into doing things that you thought you'd never do, call this man." ...I*******w

..."Can't stop calling, it rarely happens, but I'm afraid Master Xak might have gotten into my head now. I'm dying to see his feet propped up wiggling his sweaty/smelly toes in my face, while I lay there like a good boy"...F*******e

..."I have never in my life wanted someone to control me more than Master Xak. My body, my balls and my brains are craving to hear his voice allowing me to obey and release, I know I need it more than anything right now."...M**C

..."Right when I hear Master Xak's voice I lose control. He went into my fantasy and took it to places I couldn't even fathom until I couldn't help but feel like I was going to explode! Wow it's amazing, always cum everywhere. Every call has been better than the last, the more orgasms I have to Masters voice the more addicted to him I become."...j********s

ABOUT MASTER XAK: The sexiest Master on the site, Master Xak, is indescribably intense and one those men that some people are quite attracted to, even against their better judgement. But that's what makes it fun isn't it? Fun and exciting. You want to get pinned down in no uncertain terms and put in your place by an intimidating authority figure--who never needs to raise his voice much nor be very aggressive to somehow always get his way and make it seem very reasonable why he's doing it. Yes he really said that. Master Xak isn't known as "Sayer of the Unsayable, Justifier of the Unjustifiable and Bearer of Unbearable Embarrassment" for nothing. But even you guys looking for something a little else, really, please check each of Master Xak's 17 feature listings in all appropriate categories. Master Xak has also recently made his 5th goody bag. They, and the listings can be accessed by the link at the very bottom of this page underneath the two most popular listings which the site automatically puts up. Any of Master Xak's listing profiles will give you a good idea what you're in for, but he can talk about almost anything too. Check the feedback section for some very intriguing reactions. Master Xak takes picture set requests and is a regular, avid swimmer in both ocean (Malibu, CA) and in private, backyard swimming pool where he is often naked on the diving board with his big swinging dick (8 1/2"). Master Xak is perceptive and intuitive and knows the difference between a gay man and a faggot. Do you?

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