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Master Xak

You need to be even MORE addicted! To everything!

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Just try it... What can one cigarette possibly do?

Here you go, these cigarettes are going to make you look sooooo manly. Every girl (and fag) loves a 'bad boy' and all bad boy's smoke cigarettes! Haul it in nice and deep... Sure I got another one for ya. As many as it takes until you're totally hooked and become a lifetime consumer of big tobacco's masculine products. Just the thing to man-you-up good. It won't be long now before you become a two pack-a-day chainsmoking asshole! Then we know you'll increase on your own without any prodding. Spending all your disposable income on as many cartons of cigarettes as you can buy. So light another one up, fella, your addiction to nicotine is almost assured...


Welcome to Internet Pornography! The vice you can never quit...

Lust over the body parts you'll watch as every sexual position, kink and twisted perversion on display leaves zero to the imagination. You don't even have to HAVE an imagination to be completely transfixed by the obscene, disgusting and graphic images on view, each and every one containing 'no socially redeeming value whatsoever;' All you need is a swinging DICK and a set of swaying BALLS hanging between your legs to get more horny than you've ever been in your life, slamming the spam ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, morning, noon and night, on your knees with your legs spread as wide as possible. Wearing dirty, sweaty clothes because you can't be bothered with household chores... You live like a slob, bathe less and stop seeing friends just so you can wallow in smut and filth, masturbating your life away one click after another... There's NEVER enough PORN for you...


It must be the BOOZE talking...

And oh does it TALK! Give voice to the booze and become a heavy drinker. Learn how to hold your liquor like a man and impress (or annoy) everyone. Oh man, your breath! WHAT A LUSH you're turning into... Is that a flask along your hip or are you just glad to see me? You're not glad to see anyone but your friendly neighborhood BARTENDER. The one who always has your shots of whiskey all lined up for you. Had a hard day at the office? Nothing like a stiff DRINK (or 5) to drown your troubles in... or slur your speech... or loosen you up, just enough to start making inappropriate, crude sexual references that get you in trouble (or on the sex offender registry). The only reason you're considered a 'problem drinker' is that you have a problem... GETTING ENOUGH OF IT!


You've gotten FAT IN THE PANTS!

It'd be a shame to let that last cupcake go to waste... Why don't you eat it? Why don't you eat... everything. From the very first time you over eat, the stomach stretches just a little bit more each time. Feeling 'full' takes more and more food. You're hungrier. You have to eat more. You MUST be FULL. ALWAYS FULL. You're distracted by the taste of FOOD, the smell of FOOD the very idea of FOOD. The compulsion to get and eat more and more FOOD turns into an obsession until one day you turn around (or try to) and notice that all your pants have been tightening around you. Everyone notices the massive change in you, gorging on platters of fried chicken while your friends, family and even your job all play second fiddle to the all important LUST you have to do nothing but SIT and EAT. Shoveling everything you see into that gaping maw... Oh look, the buffet is almost open...!



Somebody just won a million dollars simply by pulling the handle on a slot machine! Oh how the sights and sounds of the casino stay in your head... Manipulating your brain and making you crave the adrenaline rush of putting another silver dollar into the one-armed bandit, another few chips onto the roulette wheel, a stack of them on the blackjack table, blowing on a pair of dice before you roll them, playing the ponies out at the race track (and calling in sick from work so you could do it)... Hey, you might double your paycheck! (or lose it all!) It's time to use more of your income on lottery scratch cards, Tuesday night poker with the boys and dry cleaning bills for the suit you puked on last night. Just think of what you could do with ALL THAT MONEY... Buy yourself whores, drinks, drugs, cars... you'll have it made in the shade—you can—and WILL bet on it!

(And no, not JUST tobacco, porn, alcohol, food and gambling...)

You don't have to tell me. I KNOW how much you MASTURBATE, and it's lot.

Pro-Addiction Coach, Personal Corrupter and Role Player available*.

Self esteem is overrated. Let Master Xak help lower that tedious impulse control so you can live the life you were always meant to: Free of conscious thought and fucking yourself up good. Nothing exceeds like excess... Master Xak can addict you to almost anything: Humiliation, Masturbation, Pornography, Alcohol, Nicotine, Gluttony and/or Gambling.

But Master Xak is best at addicting you to Master Xak and Master Xak expects you will obey. Master Xak: A convincing voice unlike you've ever heard. Master Xak: Encourager, Enabler, Enslaver. Master Xak: Sayer of the unsayable, Justifier of the unjustifiable and Bearer of Unbearable Embarrassment.

Master Xak humiliates, embarrasses, mortifies, ridicules, belittles, degrades, corrupts and controls. Master Xak is a Mindfucker, a Masturbation Mentor and Master Xak is an EXPERT in Pants Down Losers, Public Shaming, Failurebating and Downshifting. Master Xak believes in holding you accountable and physical consequences if necessary. And of course, this includes, but is not limited to: Financial Domination. You could be helpless, on your knees and begging for Master Xak to raise his rates, make a tribute or for Master Xak to strengthen his hold on you, you pathetic fool. If you do not see your fetish/fantasy listed, Master Xak customizes. Master Xak is in charge now and your MIND... gets raked over the coals...

*(Appointments and walk-ins as time permits. It is advisable to look at Master Xak's Profile page--click 'Master Xak' above the picture icon--for availability status, recent Public Shamings, and other info. Be sure to check out Master Xak's other listings under MEN HOME ALONE, gay/bi/str8, FANTASY, extra kinky/guy next door/jocks/other/role play, BDSM-FETISH, masters/submissive males/feet-shoes/financial domination/leather, EXTRA KINKY and OTHER.)