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Master Xak

Well, I'm here to make SURE you get embarrassed!

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Pro-Addiction Coach, Personal Corrupter and Role Player available*.

Self esteem is overrated. Let Master Xak help lower that tedious impulse control so you can live the life you were always meant to: Free of conscious thought and fucking yourself up good.

From that first squirt, you were hooked. It wasn't just being caught with your pants down, was it? Not even because they saw you slamming the spam, no... It was because the humiliation of it all... turned you on. And you never got over it. Now substitute whatever actual experience you had for the above and you'll see why it's best for you to come to me so that I can MAKE SURE you get EMBARRASSED...! All over again...

Nothing exceeds like excess... Master Xak can addict you to anything: Humiliation, Masturbation, Pornography, Nicotine, Gluttony and/or Gambling. But Master Xak is best at addicting you to Master Xak and Master Xak expects you will obey.

Master Xak: A convincing voice unlike you've ever heard. Master Xak: Encourager, Enabler, Enslaver. Master Xak: Sayer of the unsayable, Justifier of the unjustifiable and Bearer of Unbearable Embarrassment.

Master Xak humiliates, embarrasses, mortifies, ridicules, belittles, degrades, corrupts and controls. Master Xak is a Mindfucker, a Masturbation Mentor and Master Xak is an EXPERT in Pants Down Losers, Public Shamings, Failurebating and Downshifting.

Master Xak believes in holding you accountable and physical consequences if necessary. And of course, this includes, but is not limited to: Financial Domination. You could be helpless, on your knees and begging for Master Xak to raise his rates, make a tribute or for Master Xak to strengthen his hold on you, you pathetic fool.

If you do not see your fetish/fantasy listed, Master Xak customizes. Master Xak is in charge now and your MIND... gets raked over the coals...

*(Appointments and walk-ins as time permits. It is advisable to look at Master Xak's Profile page--click 'Master Xak' above the picture icon--for availability status, recent Public Shamings, and other info. Be sure to check out Master Xak's other listings under MEN HOME ALONE, gay/bi/str8, FANTASY, extra kinky/guy next door/jocks/other/role play, BDSM-FETISH, masters/submissive males/feet-shoes/financial domination/leather, EXTRA KINKY and OTHER.)

"There is no excuse for not Masturbating."

"There is no problem Masturbation cannot solve."