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Gina's Weakness Ch. 01
by BACarter©
Part I –Total and complete fascination
NOTE: This story contains, among other things, male on male sex. If you find that offensive, please move to another story.
The club was located in a very trendy part of town littered with BMW's driven by yuppies fresh from the gym wearing the latest fashions. They were in that prime of life, after college before kids. And they knew this stage of life was rapidly being replaced with more responsibility, more pressure, less fun; all the more reason to party.

Being married five years, it was not that long ago when Gina would have been right there with them. Her task tonight was to blend in as if that were not true. It shouldn't be that difficult, she thought, she was only twenty eight. She could remember her fair share of wild nights that turned into wild mornings and at times, into wild afternoons. She might not have any recent stories to share, but that wouldn't keep her from listening to others, living through them vicariously for the evening. She could easily do that.

The drinks tasted good and were plentiful. There was a pang of jealousy listening to the escapades of her younger peers, but she really didn't miss the scene...not really. Robert made a good husband and she never regretted getting married. Things had slowed down a bit between them, but she considered that normal.

She bid everyone goodbye and walked across the street to the parking lot where she parked her car. She scanned each row of the parking lot not really remembering where she parked, only that it is was in this lot. She made it to the back row where finally she saw her car tucked in the last spot. There was a light on the building beside the car shining down lighting the way.

She made the quiet walk to her car and began digging in her purse for the keys. That was when she heard the sound. It was not an unfamiliar sound. She had heard it, or something like it, on many occasions. If the truth were known, she was guilty of making something like that herself more times than she cared to think about. It was the fact that she was hearing it now, in a parking lot, which threw her.

Having found her keys, she pulled them from her purse. She was about to put them in the door when curiosity got the better of her. She glanced to her right and saw nothing. She glanced to her left and immediately found the source of the sound.

She saw a man dressed in a business suit leaning against a Jaguar. He was a nice looking man from what she could see. The look upon his face could be mistaken for duress, but it wasn't. With head tilted back, eyes closed, and he was oblivious to the world around him. He couldn't care less who might hear his moans. She resisted putting the key in her door and instead decided to peer around the car next to her so that she might get a better look.

And she was glad she did. For what she saw hit her with such force that she nearly fell over. She saw a second man. This man was on his knees; his mouth was full of the other man's cock.

She was drawn to this unlike anything she had ever seen before. Her breath quickened her palms sweaty. She focused in on the action trying to confirm this unexpected treat. The man on his knees did indeed have a mouthful of cock. And from what she could see, and she could see plenty, he was administering a world class blowjob.

mmmm... what a nice hook this story has! I can tell you more about it. I can read the rest of it to you. Or we can personalize our own version of this fantasy with you on your knees.... so delicious! :)