Phone Sex

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The Bigger They Cum, The Harder They Fall

Yes, that adage sums up my philosophy regarding men rather well.
As long as BIG refers to the checking account, of course.
If you don’t qualify in that arena, I’m afraid you must take your leave.
So, where were we?
Oh, yes ~ the BIGGER they CUM.
Boys with Big Money do cum here, and they cum hard.
Once they’ve earned permission, they cum so hard they lose all sense of balance, and they fall
Into complete and irrevocable submission.

Do you think you qualify?

It’s pay to play, so get started:

Introduce yourself to me with a tribute and a plea for attention.
Once you’ve proven you’re not just wasting my time,
the pleasure begins.
Grovel Worship Pay
Ad infinitum.

Obviously, I’m referring to the pleasure afforded me by your prostrate form at my feet, begging, helpless and without a shred of dignity.

The Rulz

  • I prefer long conversations.
    This is your opportunity to demonstrate how needy you are, to reveal your inadequacies fully.
    Call only when you’re prepared to spend Quality Time with Me.
  • Forget any preconceived notions regarding autonomy.
    You will submit to Me.
  • Remember that you are here because you are pathetically insignificant.
  • Are you beginning to see how this works ~ I tell you what to forget.

    I tell you what to remember.

    I tell you how to think.

    My voice reverberating in your mind will bring you unparalleled clarity and purpose.

    Look at the words below.
    Repeat them over and over, using it to alleviate the burden of an empty, useless existence.

Grovel Worship Pay

I’ll glean the information I need from you, and then I’ll pull your strings and make you dance.

Dancing for me feels so RIGHT, Doesn’t It? ;}

To my best pets ~ Multisyllabic Feedback Required! LoL