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You're here for a reason.... let me take a guess.... You've become distracted at work by the new guy with the broad shoulders and muscular body. Every time you make eye contact with him, you feel a jolt of electricity ripple through your body. Is your performance at work taking a nosedive? All of those random, uncontrollable thoughts about sucking a cock for the first time... no, you can't handle this alone. What would it be like? You ask yourself this over and over.... Throbbing, veined, rock-hard man meat sliding between your lips.... You're in way over your head, baby! I'm here, just relax.
We'll get you on the Rod in no time at all!!

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I know all about those lacy, pink panties you wear under your pants, that tiny little member that could never satisfy a real woman. It's time to release all of your pent-up frustrations, isn't it? Is it that guy at the gym wearing the tight, bulging shorts or the banker with the salt-and-pepper hair who lives across the street? And let's not forget those dreadlocked black studs that make you want to moan like a real sissy faggott!!
First, we have to get you ready.... hair, make-up and a righteously hot, tight skirt to showcase your lovely derriere. I can't wait to tart you up!!!
*devilish laughter*
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We must explore this territory together. Do you have a particular role-play in mind? Would you enjoy a session of guided masturbation? Feel free to send e-mail with your scenario ideas and we'll make it happen. Call me so we can get to know each other; I love stories of forbidden lust, cuckoldry, dominace, submission, bondage and complete servitude.
And Humiliation is always on tap for closet-case fag boi Losers!!!

Don't keep me waiting..........
All my Love,

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