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~♥~ Intoxication Jerk Off Drunk Wallet Dummy~♥~

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BE PREPARED TO DRINK DRINK UP! you're here for MY amusement.
Be Princess Amy Drunk Wallet Dummy
let Me help you turn into a sorry ass alcoholic GET DRUNK, CALL ME ...
you'll be gulping while I giggle! let me listen to your drunk ramblings about your sorry life!

I'll make you drink until you're so retarded you don't know what's going on.
I will laugh at what a drunken fool you are. I love talking to drunk pathetic alcoholic LOSERS have plenty of alcohol when you call so you can take shot after shot.
I will give purpose to your meaningless life you will be MINE to do as I see fit
Time to get fucked up for Princess Amy and Let Princess Amy take advantage of you
I just might make you pee in a cup and make you drink it you never know what I will make you do. All to amuse and humiliate yourself
That's right, booze bag... you'll be pounding drink after drink after drink until you're a mindless slurring puppet.
I want to hear you, slur, worship me and entertain me. You will be babbling like a drunken fool we both know you are
you're a sick, twisted, pervert who loves to BOOZE IT UP and I'm going to take advantage of it!
Expect to be humiliated, laughed at. you will serve to MY pleasure only...
you will do what entertains ME, whenever, where ever, and however I see fit. I will control you.
I decide what's best for will no longer think. you will do as you are told with no questions asked

You will Become My Drunken Intoxicated FOOL!
- Alcohol - Booze - Drunk - Drinking - Party Drinks up, Bitches!
you'll be pounding drink after drink after drink until you're a mindless slurring puppet
how much you will be able to drink before passing out? get you drunk, so I can take advantage of u. let me listen to your drunk ramblings about your sorry life!
Make sure you have your drink or party supply of choice (and have LOTS of it) and I will get you so wasted
when you are done you will probably wake up the next day wondering what the hell happened!
I know that drink has you by the balls and you cannot put it down..let Me help you turn into a sorry ass mumbling, jumbling, plastered Loser Bitch!
Get your alcohol ready I will get you drunk, take advantage of you and leave you to deal with the mess. hahaha
Be prepared to do whatever I want and be prepared to go to MY wish lists frequently.

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If 'worship', 'obey' and 'yes princess' aren't in your vocabulary, don't bother contacting Me
I am not an actress, I don't read from script, this is the real deal
LIVE CALL | NO SCRIPTS | English is MY primary language
You Will Not hang up until you are dismissed!
Don't call Princess Amy expecting phone sex!
I reserve the right to hang up on anyone who annoys me..

I am now accepting applications slaves for different Slave Positions & for money slaves,
pay piggies, human ATM's and other such financial slaves
If you would like to apply for a position in my stable message me

When You call Introduce yourself and explain why your calling I can't read fucking minds dip shits ...
If it is to serve me you will explain why you feel worthy enough to serve ME If I have talked to you before, mention it instantly
"Hello Princess Amy this is ____, I am calling you because ___
Do not expect me to remember you If you have NOT stayed in contact with me in some way
I am extremely confident, and not afraid to say what I think. If your feelings are easily hurt, you should leave now.
I am here for my entertainment and my financial gain
It goes a long way to stay in My good graces.

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