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Welcome to My Cruel Wicked World

In My World it's all about Me, and never about you..
I Run This Show ,I make the rules its your Job to worship me and Entertain Me LOSER
If you're a good boi I might even talk to you, humiliate you and remind you how worthless you are!
I do not care about you at all! You are NOTHING to Me, but another wallet to drain!

I am Greedy bitchy Priness ready to ruin you and take everything you have

I am Greedy bitchy ready to ruin you and take everything you have ! I will have you by the balls I alway get what I want I dont care what you have to do to get it If I have to pimp you out you will get it .When I say NOW it better be NOW .. I will intimidate you, taunt you, and humiliate the CRAP out of you!

I will make you MY bitch & personal puppet. You know your nothing but a pathetic loser. Put yourself to some use and bring a smile to my lovely face while I am at the mall spending your cash and taking trips at your expense! When your broke I will put you to work as my gay phone sex whore or make you sell avon in gay bars

I will own your wallet ,your mind,and your soul you have no purpose in life other than to serve me and please me Know that you bastards have entered MY WORLD I will Take control over your pathetic life I am not here to entertain you . You are here to entertain me

Expect to be humiliated, laughed at, and hung up on. you will serve to MY pleasure will do what entertains ME, whenever, whereever, and however I see fit. I will control you. I decide what's best for will no longer think. you will do as you are told with no questions asked. Make sure I want for nothing, and rarely have to ask for anything. I will give you life, and you will give ME anything I so will amuse Me when you call I will talk about whatever I want, or not at all. ... Hell I may even put the phone down not even paying attention to your pathetic ass.You are lucky that I give you chance to speak with me on the phone. I might actually pay attention to you when you call.

To get my attention, YOU MUST earn it. Spoil me, treat me like a Princess obey me, worship me, sacrifice for me.. do anything it is I want just to please me. Prove to me that you are worthy of serving me by showing your dedication


Last Updated : Aug. 9 ,2017