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SpoilPrincessAmy has been a member since 11/15/2003

In My World, it's all about Me, and never about you. I Run This Show, I make the rules it's your Job to worship me and Entertain Me LOSER If you're a good boy I might even talk to you, humiliate you and remind you how worthless you are! You know I don't care about you at all! You are NOTHING to Me, but another wallet to drain

I love shopping, spending money and getting gifts....
I am VERY Materialistic! I never pay my own bills....
You pathetic pay bitches do that!

I am only here for one purpose only, to drain your balls and wallet.
I am self-centered, and my world revolves around me.
I'm very Greedy and very Spoiled! I have always got my way.
I am here to be amused by you and to laugh at you!

I won't give a shit about you or how you feel All I care about is your wallet
There is no such word as "No" in my vocabulary.

I will be raping you of your pride, dignity & money!
I will use you for my amusement
I will take everything you have. Maxing out all your credit cards
You better be able to afford ME or be willing to make sacrifices so that you can!

You were meant to serve me and be happy for whatever crumbs of attention I might toss you.
How you treat me and what you do for me depends on how much time I give you.

The economy is shit and you're still going to fork over that hard earned cash just to please Me.

If you want to get into My good books, then I expect to be spoiled regularly,, Pay My bills and send cash without having to ask!
You know you do not interest Me unless you have something to give Me first and you know damn well you need to give to gain My precious attention.

Call one of my Spoil Me Listings. That's right Pig here is your chance to prove to me your worthy
Don't call me with your bullshit stories! I don't care what your needs or wants are!
I want your money and nothing else!
I deserve the best and you're going to work your ass off to give it to Me.

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