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Fire Crotch

I Will Share Some Real Life Sex Adventures & PICS

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Ready For Something New and Interesting!!!

I am not the type to kiss and tell but she said go for it so here it GOES! My girl and I have ben through some crazy times over the years...we have had sex in numerous public locations, in front of friends who both knew it and some that were watching us and had no idea!

We have been to sex clubs, swinger clubs, strip joints, small little get togethersand had a few threesomes. Now I am allowed to TELL ALL and SHOW ALL....YES I HAVE PICS TO GO WITH THE STORIES! Not all of them but I do have photos that were taken during quite a fewof our adventures. So not only can you hear me tell you about them but while we are talking you could be looking at the photos as well...or just use your imagination.

How about Video?
Ever watched a full video of FREEWAY ROAD HEAD? NOW YOU CAN!
These memories are really what gets meworked up and I have never been able to share them...until NOW!

If you are wanting to see any pics of the stories please let me know before hand so I can be sure to have them ready!!!

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There's some more on our couples page though... Missy Hardcore

Fire Crotch

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