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Fire Crotch

Wankers Need Not Bother With Me

So you are so pathetic you need to spend your money on someone huh?

Well I am not sure if I am the right guy or not but at least you have taken a step in the right direction to find out..but now you can find out easily!
Just ADDED: 1 Free Introduction Call to See If I am Your Man or Not!
Ok so I now know each of you fags may want something a little different or expect me to be a fucking mind reader once I accept a call with your sissy ass..well really how the fuck am I supposed to know what you want unless you tell me? You want to suck a straight mans dick? Great tell want me to call you a little fucking Cock Sucker?...well tell me! It's pretty fucking easy already but now I made it super easy and will give you our first 3 minutes FREE...that's right you little queer....all you have to do is email me and ask NICELY for a free call and we can get to know each other for a few...I may not be right for your queer ass anyways so now you can find out for FREE!
Limited to one free call per sissy and you do not need to go over the free's your choice fag

In general I don't consider myself to be a MEAN person..however I do have some mood swings and don't like it when people say they will do something and then don't...that tends to make me switch gears real fast!

I am also not one of the "let me take everything you have" and then tell you "go get a life and leave me alone".

I would rather make a mutually beneficial relationship with you that could last a long time. In order to do this however we must get to know each other a little first and find out each others needs.

Of course you can just click on a button and send me money...but you can do that to anyone on this site so that wouldn't be too much fun. I will take it and appreciate it though but be sure you are both able to give and want to give...before trying to start out down this road.

If I am someone you would like to learn more about please send me any sort of tribute...doesn't have to be alot but will make me know that you are not just a wanker trying to waste my time (or yours).