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Incognito Cara

Submissive Slave Fulfills Your Deviant Desires

nothing's more intimate than a real power exchange. believe me, i know. my ex took me from vanilla and innocent to whimpering submissive slut - and kept me there for 3 years while i indulged his every desire. he moved onto someone else, but left me with an addiction i can't overcome no matter how hard i try to ignore it.

these days, i'm with a really nice guy who adores me, supports me and cooks me eggs benedict. i love him ...but i've always known that we weren't sexually compatible. the first time i asked him to pull my hair, he looked at me like i was crazy. he caught me checking out a flogger while we were shopping for a bachelor party gift and said "don't worry babe - i'm not a freak or anything." and when one of his friends at a party joked about anal sex, he said "gross". no kidding. so anal sex is a pleasure i've not had recently either.

so i live vanilla, but i was born to be a bottom, spawned to be a slave, and hatched to be a whore. there's nothing like being pinned down, tied up, and treated like an anonymous hole for the fucking.

then a friend of mine who used to be on NF said "cara, you've got a sexy voice and you turn ME on with your submissive fantasies... you could have great sex on niteflirt and it wouldn't even be cheating!"

so here i am. asking you to give me what i've been craving for years... the opportunity to indulge YOUR unapologetic whims. i miss obedient servitude. whether i cum screaming helplessly or don't cum at all... i want to be used - i need it - and i'm not happy unless i'm begging nicely for my orgasm.

things i've enjoyed in the past: spankings, floggings, tease/denial, roleplay (LOVE being the seduced librarian, the intimidated stripper, the co-ed who REALLY needs that "A"), anal play, BONDAGE, rope, chains (my preference for the sound & weight), whips, canes, riding crops, ball gags, facefucking, collars, tied to a cross, bondage horse, etc, etc. don't be shy. if i can put this stuff out there, so can you!

things i haven't done but really wish i had when i had the chance: vietnamese basket/swing, chastity belt, cage, medical fetish (legs in the stirrups or those cool looking dental contraptions that hold my mouth open wide).

WARNING: my boyfriend sometimes works from home!! if you want to talk to me on those days, i HAVE to be quiet. if you command me not to hang up, i won't, but i may have to make something up to get rid of him. i'm willing to work off my punishment but PLEASE bear with me!