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TuffGirl Tess

Errant Enigma~EccentricExtrovert~Egocentric Entity

Bitchtress Tess

errant; straying from the proper course or standards, traveling in search of adventure. enigma; a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. eccentric; deviating from the recognized or customary character or practice, irregular, erratic, peculiar, odd. extrovert; a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment. egocentric; thinking only of oneself, without regard for the feelings or desires of others, self-centered. entity; distinct and independent existence, being.
This is Princess Tess's 24 hr Ignore Cam Line for Losers! I may be playing or writing my music, in the shower, laying out, out shopping spending losers' money, watching a movie or talking to one of my friends. I may even be sleeping so don't expect any special treatment- You are a loser anyway which is why you are calling this line cuz you know it! IF you are really lucky you may get to hear and see me getting fucked by a REAL MAN which is pretty likely considering what a nymphomaniac I am- You could only be so Fucking Lucky! If I am out partying with my friends I will do you the honor of ignoring you while you listen in and watch so you can pretend to exist in my world! Don't forget to thank me for this privilege Dumbass.You only Wish you could Fuck a girl like me and we both know it!
I realize what a challenge it can be for a loser like you to actually think with his brain and not just his dick but why not give it a try for a change! I know you may struggle with the concepts of esoteric domination, defragmentation, deliberate self deception, fantasy-reality integration, webcam detoxification and maybe even masculinization. I've always done things in my own way and i need a man who loves this about me and also a man who can match my efforts. All the rest of you are merely creatures and insects but you can work your way up to being my Minion, then one day my Zombie and then finally a REAL MAN! Just buy my Lost Soul Assessment Form and my Minion Application to begin the destructive/enlightenment process. Otherwise you can stay the vile creature you are and watch me ignore you on cam. Lucky Loser!
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