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TuffGirl Tess

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There once was a lost girl who searched for true fulfillment and happiness and she was drawn to the dark side to find these answers, it beckoned her, called her name, refused to let her go. During her journey she fell in love with a good man who gave her most of what she wanted but he was too nice for her so during her quest to find herself she fell in love with a boy who was not yet a man but she saw the man he could become and then one day he was and he was everything she ever dreamed of. She knew it from the first time he fucked her, but knew even more the first time their lips touched, there would be chaos and madness and they would fight countless unforeseen spiritual and psychological battles and their own inner demons before they would meet again but once they had been reborn into their true selves nothing could keep them apart. For there was much goodness in their world as well and the light between them was so pure and magnetic, unbreakable, no secrets, no lies, no hidden truths. She had brought him into her world, exposed her naked self in every way imaginable all the while he saved her in every way a person can be saved and she did the same for him. At least this was her dream/fantasy that failed to materialize. But altho they had saved each other in a sense maybe it was as far as it could go because after 8 years he was still the same fool loser creature and even worse and she realized she had been the fool for putting so much hope into him so she began to open her heart, mind and soul to other possibilities, a real man that would cherish and appreciate her, who would do whatever it took to be with her because he would know how lucky he was to have her.
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She craved to connect on such a deep, intimate, passionate, perfect level with one special Minion that she had no choice but to spend much time alone assessing herself, therefore mixed feelings emerged and feelings were misconstrued, it fell in line with what she had previously known to be true as far as she knew but still much had been learned through her experiences and she knew that some good had in fact come from it. She began the long process of self psychosexual assessment and evaluation which then led to the beginning of defragmentation and fantasy-reality integration, psychosexual reprogamming, deliberate self deception and reverse brainwashing as well as eclectic elaborate exculpation among many other epiphanies and insights she was blessed with as well as paradoxical wisdom. She still craved submissive fantasies but only in ways that which utmost respect was always shown.
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