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Fire Crotch

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Long Time Listener..First Time Caller!
I am new to this and want YOUR HELP since YOU know better than anyone what is to be expected from the good flirts on here!!!

Call Me Now If You Want To Help This Brand New Flirt in Training!

I really need to learn what callers LIKE YOU want to hear...
My Girl HAs Been Doing This For Awhile Now...
Anything you can tell me to help me give great calls I will soak in!

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A True Redhead and Normal Dude - Lets Play Something Fun!

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Fire Crotch

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Thats Me

Although I don't consider myself to be a master of financial domination by any means I sure am interested in finding out more about this role along with other role playing scenarios. My open attitude about sexual and non sexual situations makes me a great fit for this site...and hopefully for you. I am new to this kind of thing but think I will be a good flirt once I get some calls under my belt.

I cannot guarantee that I will be your favorite flirt but I can guarantee I will do my best to try :) I always try my best at everything I do, can't always say I succeed

Since I am just a guy from the States and haven't travelled much the only language I speak is English. Some of the things I enjoy in life are treasure hunting, playing poker, fishing (on occasion) and I love to travel.

As you can see from my photo I am a real red head...if you like redheads then maybe I am someone you would like to connect with. I don't mind showing off parts of my body either (if I have the place to do it) and at times do like to turn my cam on (again I need to have a place available).

When my cam is on I have the following options available for showing it to others:
Skype, Eyeball Chat, Sightspeed, and Yahoo.

Photos and Videos For Sale

Since I know some people are in a better place financially then others please don't feel obligated to help me out at all, but if you are able to then it will be greatly appreciated...I have been out of work for over 2 years now.
Here are a few ways you can help me out if you have the means. (I can send you photos to prove that's what I did)
Buy me a Nice Dinner ($50.00)
I am craving some good food for once
Help pay for a Hotel Room ($100)
It's been so long since I was able to get aawy for the night.
Send me on a Short Trip ($200)
I love road trips...where should I go.

** Please note I stand by the niteflirt rules and do not allow calls about:
Animals (beastiality)
Age play (under age)
Graphic Violence (rape or forced sex)
Incest (daughter father etc.)
So if any of these are what you like to focus your conversation on please give someone else a call.