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I'm a high caliber harlot, a courtesan, and a deeply deviant slut. Sex starts between the ears- whatever you want to talk about, I'm up for it, from art, law, history, economics or more. Or we can just jump right into the fun about what you want me to do, what gets your dick wet and my cunt slick, and what we'd like to do about it.

There have always been women, in every culture through history, who entertain and pleasure men outside the role of a wife. This is what I am- an American Geisha. We don't have the protections of 'wife', which in many cultures were frankly the protections of property, but gain other things instead. The greek Hetaira were the only women allowed to own their own property. Before the British outlawed them, the Indian Devadasi were considered a high status position- very telling in a culture as hierarchical as traditional Hindu society. The Taiwif in Mogul society and the Geisha in Japan fit the same sort of roles as arbiters of manners and artistic skill, of entertaining and conversing with powerful men outside of the bounds of traditional marriage.

This is where I shine- as the companion, plaything, and sexual friend of powerful, interesting men. I can't wait to talk to you and learn more about how to make your day wonderful.