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Submissive Cunt To Be Used And Degraded

I’m the kind of dirty that won’t wash off.

At work, I'm an uptight bitch with my hair in a slicked back bun, wearing expensive shoes, designer bag and suit, and I bring the company a lot of money. I'm in charge at work, but when I get off I like to let my hair down... and have a real man show me who should be in charge.

You can throw me down, fuck my face till I’m gagging, drool and tears running down my face as you use me as a human fleshlight. Or you throw me down on the bed and tilt my head back, and fuck my throat with long, fast strokes that won’t let me breathe, until you allow it. Use me as your fuck toy, don't allow me to come, punish me, make me beg for you... you know I want it.

Call me for a really good time

You'd never recognize me if you saw me at work. I'm the professional, uptight bitch who makes everyone below me miserable, but you can guess my secret. The reason that I get invited to all those conferences, and to client meetings with the executives, has little to do with the quality of my work, and a lot more to do with my willingness to do anything- and I mean ANYTHING- to close business. Yes, I'm an accomplished, intelligent woman but I'm also dirty, naughty, and nasty all the way down, in a way that I’ll never be clean. I’m tarnished innocent- I tasted the dark side and I love it. I'll never go back.