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Master Xak

Master Xak's LIVE CAM IGNORE LINE! 1st on N.F.!

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IGNORE LINE: WITH CAM!!--first time ever on NiteFlirt!



FIRST ON NITE FLIRT! -- message for Skype ID

Master Xak's live-CAM Now comes with an IGNORE OPTION! If you don't have an appointment for a live-CAM session with Master Xak's, PORNFRENZY! the phone WILL be answered and the CAM WILL COME ON, BUT, the IGNORE OPTION will have been activated and that means, just like a regular phone ignore listing, it guarantees you'll see nothing except Master Xak's floor-to-ceiling, side-to-side WALL OF PORN set that appears behind him in live-CAM sessions of PORNFRENZY! You WOULD overhear anything going on in the room, just like a regular phone ignore listing, but it comes with the added chance that Master Xak may cross right in front of you on his way to and from his studio to a kitchenette area. The ensuing ambient sounds may include, but are not limited to: Sounds of doors opening and closing, coffee maker, water running in a sink, light cooking, an off-cam non-fetish phone call or two, typing on a keyboard, a printer printing, a scanner scanning, filing cabinet drawers operating, off-camera videos and DVDs being watched. Someone (always a man) might be about, going to and fro, engaged in cleaning activities. Master Xak could take in a movie which would flicker onto the WALL OF PORN which you'd see in glorious close up. A television set might be on. Master Xak's music... Sometimes guests of Master Xak may be present and you'd hear some of the dialogue—it could be about YOU—their snacking, drinking, belching, farting and complaining!

A pizza might be delivered, interaction with a delivery boy overheard, research, packing, sorting, a whole host of office activities being done or a nap--with snoring--could be going on... You could even hit the jackpot and find that Master Xak takes pity on you and actually sits down and looks at you. He could wave silently or maybe even speak to you LIVE-ON-CAM—Wow! But wait, the possibilities are endless as Master Xak conducts live discipline and assorted kink sessions and other fetish scenes in his loft studio and if one were arranged that day, a lucky caller would be listening in on a one-of-a-kind experience. Why there might even be a heated argument between Master Xak and one of his slaves going on! The sound volume will always be turned UP and thanks to Master Xak's new external cam and mic, your call will be IN STEREO!! The IGNORE OPTION comes without the stress and triple intense gaze of Master Xak bearing down on you and is offered anytime the CALL BUTTON is on and you DON'T HAVE A PREVIOUS APPOINTMENT MADE THROUGH MESSAGES for a Live-CAM session. The IGNORE OPTION will be at a lower rate than a genuine Live-CAM session with triple Scorpion, Master Xak. Play the part of a bystander in Master Xak's PORNFRENZY! LIVE-ON-CAM but at a reduced rate and with the enthralling risk of being present yet not quite in on the action you can sense is going on all around you. Check Master Xak's profile for approximate hourly schedule for any particular day. Anyone interested in a personal one-on-one session with Master Xak as part of his Live-CAM PORNFRENZY! must first send a message to arrange it (under PHONE WITH CAM: MASTERS), or Master Xak could treat YOUR CALL as an activated CAM IGNORE LINE CALL!

*(It is advisable to look at Master Xak's Profile page--click 'Master Xak' above the picture icon--for availability status, recent Public Shamings, and other info. Be sure to check out Master Xak's other listings under MEN HOME ALONE, gay/bi/str8, FANTASY, extra kinky/guy next door/jocks/other/role play, BDSM-FETISH, masters/submissive males/feet-shoes/financial domination/leather, EXTRA KINKY and OTHER.)