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Master Xak


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It's DIFFERENT with SlaveMaster Xak*.

It's different because SlaveMaster Xak is 'White Leather' S & M for a white collar clientele.

Oh there's still the slavery, the ownership, the durable power of attorney, the confidentiality agreement...Do I have your attention NOW? Yes, there's still the usual, a totally off-the-grid lair complete with stage platform 2 ½ feet off of the floor, all backed with mirrors, 25 foot high ceilings, black lights and restraint apparatus that the prey is bound to.

A bent over position with legs and arms spread out while tied down and held in place by professional wrist and ankle cuffs. (SlaveMaster Xak travels with two sets of these as he can control two slaves at once in a single session). And there's also his technique in proven behavior modification methods of which SlaveMaster Xak is a well-trained and experienced professional. A Suit-wearing professional executive... yeah, how 'bout that?

SlaveMaster Xak's leather is that of Tommy Hilfiger instead of Doc Martens. SlaveMaster Xak is dressed to be acceptable anywhere. His control and mastery of the situation is world class. Having studied under a genuine United States Marine Corps. Corporal in the administration of leather and wooden implements, SlaveMaster Xak is educated in the ways of keeping and maintaining slaves in a practical way for real world 2017. You can't expect special coddling, you infidels.

Think of SlaveMaster Xak as a “James Bond” or “Batman” villain capable of corporate WORLD DOMINATION but on a more subversive and insidious level. To be a minion in SlaveMaster Xak's Empire, his Kingdom, is to be a slave in army of slaves that are doing something instead of just rotting around in cages (a scene like some Masters might actually believe they are in charge of, when actually they are more responsible for). NO, SlaveMaster Xak won't tie you up and do all the work—he's far too 'ON TO' that old-time 'pushy bottom' routine. Fuck that shit. Slaves have to PROVE to SlaveMaster Xak that they are WORTHY to be in his presence and to serve him on MANY levels and know they will suffer and be punished physically for not living up to expectations. SlaveMaster Xak has a PURPOSE in keeping slaves. It is a PRIVILEGE to receive pain and anguish from such a highly placed, genius I.Q and powerful individual.

SlaveMaster Xak's origins extend deep into the solar system and Starseed lore. Slaves are dealing with an extremely perceptive, INTP, synesthesic with a photographic memory: A triple Scorpion the likes of only fellow Scorpions such as Pablo Picasso and Ike Turner could relate to. Solstices, Full Moons and 9s figure in big here. An evening spent with SlaveMaster Xak is NOT boring. He'll get under your skin, and into your soul as he extracts every sick, twisted truth about you and you'll just watch helplessly as your own body responds to it and then he uses it against you in only the most exquisite and psychological ways... Not for the squeamish.

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