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Master Xak

PANTS on FIRE! You LIE to cover your Jerking Off!

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Don't even try and tell me you don't lie your ass off when covering your tracks and trying to keep a lid on how much you need to fuck your fist so the wife, girlfriend, fiance, partner, lover, co-worker, boss--WHOEVER--doesn't find out... Shhhh... What they don't know won't hurt them. Is that how you think, jerk-wad? From now on, there's NOWHERE to hide! Your BULLSHIT will be literally COMBUSTIBLE; shooting out flames from the SEAT of your PANTS EVERY TIME YOU LIE!! Your honesty is being SCRUTINIZED to make sure you're not trying to evade anything even remotely truthful! IMAGINE: "Have you been looking at PORN again?' Answer: It better be "Absolutely! I'm a MASTURBATOR!" Otherwise, everyone will know the truth when your ASS starts to BURN a hole through the seat of your pants and they erupt in an unmistakable demonstration of what a known LIAR you are who won't be getting away with it again! TOTAL EMBARRASSMENT, EXPOSURE and EXPLOITATION will be YOURS. You WILL be caught! There is NO MODESTY, NO PRIVACY and NO SECRETS and you'll be publicly HUMILIATED to the fullest extent of human capability!

MASTURBATING to PORNOGRAPHY and calling phone sex is what prevaricator fuck-ups LIKE YOU DO who either can't afford to date, aren't good looking enough to date or are just plain losers. Yeah, think about that, masturbator... You should be ashamed of yourself and from now on there will be TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!!

Oh, the hours you've wasted with your dick in your fist! Now it's time to pay the piper, you SAUSAGE-STROKING SPAM-SLAMMER! Fucking LIAR!!

*(Appointments and walk-ins as time permits. It is advisable to look at Master Xak's Profile page--click 'Master Xak' above the picture icon--for availability status, recent Public Shamings, and other info. Be sure to check out Master Xak's other listings under MEN HOME ALONE, gay/bi/str8, FANTASY, extra kinky/guy next door/jocks/other/role play, BDSM-FETISH, masters/submissive males/feet-shoes/financial domination/leather, EXTRA KINKY and OTHER.) **Free "LIAR!" comes in the form of a message.