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Master Xak


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That's right Mister: I'm moving into your house and taking over your WIFE AND your LIFE*.

Go ahead, FEEL pushed aside. I'm horny and have more balls than you do, and I've had my eye on YOUR WIFE for a long time. I've studied you and your living patterns and it's time that I moved in and made your wife my bitch. Hell, I'm going to make you my bitch TOO. You can't satisfy her—you know this already. Somebody's got to do the fucking around here and it sure isn't going to be you, that's for sure. You're better off masturbating and watching a REAL MAN spread her legs, mount her and thrust his fat, 8 1/2 inch dick straight up her pussy BALLS DEEP. I can last all day unlike the premature ejaculator all that porn has turned YOU into.

If you're lucky and have been a good BOY, I might let you suck my dick AFTER it's been inside every hole she's got and been given a thorough work out. Then maybe I'll hold you down and fart right over your face as the little missus sees her hubby get degraded like he deserves to be. Your lovemaking skills—if you can even call them that—are INADEQUATE. YOU'RE... INADEQUATE. From now on, I GET LAID, SHE GETS FUCKED and YOU get FUCKED OVER. You get to keep your day job—you'll need it. You'll need that AND a second job in order to support the household, only you'll be forking your paychecks over to ME, the new-—and only 'MAN OF THE HOUSE'. When you leave for work in the morning, the last thing you'll hear will be the sounds of your wife moaning as I fuck her hard and the first thing you'll hear when you get back will be the sounds of your wife moaning as I fuck her hard. As for you—floor scrubber—all that porn you've snuck downstairs to watch has finally caught up with you and now you have no choice but to put up with a REAL MAN making decisions and assigning YOU CHORES. Hard, sweaty, manual labor chores. I don't care about any fucking degree you have. I'm the one with the degree now, a degree in FUCKING YOUR WIFE.

Your role has been REDUCED. You are kicked out of the Master bedroom (it's for MASTERS—get it?) and we'll set up a cot for you in the utility room next to the washer and dryer. YOU will be the cleaning guy, grocery shopper, meal-ticket and SERVANT. YOU make sure that I have my MGD (bottles, no cans). YOU will make sure all the bills are paid. YOU will pick up after me and YOU will be doing the yard work and gardening. YOU do what you're told and will carry a heavy leaf blower on your back so all the neighbors know what your new role is around here. And if you displease me in any way, it'll be 50 push ups for you pal or moving a pile of rocks from one side of the yard to the other. Oh, and my car needs the oil changed, so YOU will be getting all greasy and dirty and doing that for me because I deserve to be waited on and YOU deserve to do all the work. I might let you watch me fuck your wife through the bedroom window, just like the neighborhood PERV that you're fast becoming. Maybe I'll put hidden cameras all around the Master bedroom (MY ROOM) so you can watch me fuck your little whore only through the laptop while YOU just JACK OFF thinking how I've turned your life upside down and made you nothing more than 'THE HELP' in your own house!

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