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Divergent Diva

Vicious Venomous VocalVerbiage 4Vile VirginVermin

Divergent Diva

vicious; dangerously aggressive, having the quality of immorality. venomous; expressing very strong hatred or anger. vocal; of or related to the voice, to speak freely and loudly. verbiage; the way in which something is expressed, wording or diction. vile; wretchedly bad. vermin; people perceived as despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society.
  • Fear Not little Flea, Princess Tess is here. Have your addictions consumed your life? Do you find yourself addicted to risky sexually impulsive behaviors? Or are you sexually repressed not getting any at all and filled with bitterness and resentment? Too many years of jerking it and so porn obsessed that your mind got fucked and you became a delusional sociopath, u actually became vermin, even if you are virgin that doesnt mean you are immune. Born into a sex obsessed culture where virgin guys are looked down on instead of praised for being selective and protecting themselves, respecting women. So they become Vile Virgin Vermin. Are you a chronic masturbator, porn, alcoholic and/or drug addict? Are you cheating vermin who tells himself he cant help it but is consumed by simultaneous guilt and desire? Do you wish to break free from the chains that bind you to these debilitating afflictions? Do you wish to become a MAN and not just the flea, maggot, parasite, paramecium, tapeworm or vermin that you are? Some of you losers don't want to change. you like being fleas and parasites and tapeworms and mosquitoes. So whatever you think you are that is what you will be. I have no respect for someone who refuses to help themselves, therefore call only for brutal honesty Vermin. Love Princess Tess
  • Things I like to talk about: Sex + Love- beliefs, advice, relationships, flings, fucking, masturbating + more
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