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Welcome Sissy's, Cuck's, Subs, and Perv's!

I'm Cherry, world-class exotic ebony Goddess. My NiteFlirt name is Girlfriend4u because I'm a chameleon, who can be whoever or whatever you need me to be. I'm intelligent and know how to use my brains, as well as my looks, to get you right where I want you, and get exactly what I want from you, and believe me you'll enjoy every minute of it.

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for Sissies and Panty Bois'
-For you Sissies who want to be Missies and have my 9in strap-on buried inside your tight little man pussies,I'm going to turn you into my pantie wearing cum licking little cock whore! Sissification begins with me turning you into a soft,sensual,nasty little cock slut. Full body wax,mani/pedi,silky lingerie,makeup,stockings,heels, the works! When you're finally trained and dressed up like the little cum whore you crave to be,you'll be my cute little fluffer jizz toilet, down on your knees in a pair of my thongs sucking big black cock for your Mistress! When I'm finished with you, you'll be sucking dick and taking it up the ass like a PRO!

Humilitrix for SPH,Cucks, and Losers In General-It's a joy to get in your head and humiliate you into feeling like the pathetic piece of shit that you are! Whether it's for your puny, pathetic, poor excuse for a cock; or if you’re a pitiful pencil dick'd fuck who'll NEVER know the pleasure of having your tiny dick slip out of a warm juicy pussy. Instead you watch me, like the obedient little unic you are, take giant black cock deep inside my fuckholes, watching as he shoots load after creamy load of milk inside my pussy. When he's finished you're down on your knees cleaning off his messy cock, and my dripping creampie, lapping up every steamy drop like the miserable little dick'd fucker that I told you you are!

Findom for Pay-Pals, Sugar Daddies,High Pay Piggies, and Human ATMs - The delicacy and nuance by which I'll skillfully tease and manipulate you into being my personal ATM will bring you complete mental and physiological gratification.The simple action of you Giving and Me Taking your money and gifts creates an intense sexual arousal for you, that I'll subtlety, but firmly influence and control. Separating yourself from your money gives incomparable both of us. Play raise the rate or extreme tributing games with Me, or let's have an account drainage Skype session so I can look you in the eye when I empty you All.The.Way.Out.

Mistress for CBT,Discipline, Dominatrix, Goddess Worship, Orgasm Control-You are simply a votary in my world, a devout follower whose only concern is my pleasure, even if your Submission to Me causes you discomfort. I am spoiled so this is for true submissives only or submissives who genuinely want to be trained to be completely subservient to Me. You will wake,stroke, work, and live for me. Finding ways to please Me and make Me happy will be a constant thought. You must realize that I am Alpha and that you are a below-beta bottom, and never try to top, or you'll see first hand how happy being a merciless disciplinary makes me.

Provocateur for Fetishes, Obsessions, Addictions,Perversions, and Kinks - I'm no role model so I'm not here to change you, but I am here to facilitate, encourage, and challenge you to indulge and explore the deepest most taboo,depraved, fucked up places of your mind. I've heard just about every extreme filthy,twisted,indecent,salacious, explicit, lewd, vulgar,immoral, degenerate, and improper fixation that there is. So I'm well qualified to be the architect of your debauchery--whether it's through confession, fantasy or role play--I'll lead you, or drag you, down that secret rabbit hole that you desire so much.