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Pay Pigs, Slaves, and Subs-Click.Pay.Repeat.

Feed Me pig $ Greedy GreenGoddess is Hungry $ Click.Pay.Repeat. $ Feed Me pig $ Greedy GreenGoddess is Hungry $ Click.Pay.Repeat. $

you. Pay. ME.

I'm Greedy GreenGoddess Cherry, and the only way boys get My attention is by providing for Me with their money and gifts. See, I know you're disgusted by the obscene amount of money you earn, and that's where I come in. You're My little money making minion. That's what drives your desire and compulsion to serve Me. Your money belongs to Me now. I'm your addiction, and you work for Me.

Your need to serve Me overrides all other feelings and emotions, and thank goodness, because it's never a bad time to pamper and spoil Greedy GreenGoddess Cherry.

When you become My pay piggy, you are a member of My "Gimme Gimme" club, and become My "Gimme-minion", which is a great honor for you. You'll always show your appreciation to Me by sticking both hands deep inside your wallet, and you'll do it with a smile on your face!

I am your Dominant at all times.

True financial slaves are those who give without expectation or exception; therefore I don't give in to demands made by subs/slaves or those that try to top from the bottom - IF I see fit to reward you with My time and attention, I'll decide when and how this happens. In fact, when I speak or Skype with you, as a sign of respect, you will ALWAYS assume the pig slave position on your knees - a position I promise you will not only become accustomed to, but look forward to.

Are you ready to submit and commit to Greedy GreenGoddess Cherry?

Your first provision will be an initial ; this weeds out all the timewasters and fantasizers who try to waste My precious time. When I receive your initial tribute, you become a member of the "Gimme Gimme" club. The question is will you be a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum member? Be the best that you can be for GreenGoddess..

What will you give to make Me notice you?

Gifts - I love the gifts pigs buy for Me to show adoration! Message Me for My Wishlist items and Tributes are at the bottom of this page.

Sponsor a bill
- I have bills like everyone else, only difference is my "Gimme-minions" pay mine. Show GreenGoddess your devotion by adopting a specific monthly bill or two, or if you wish this to be part of your regular Tribute, please email me. *This can automatically bring you to gold member status depending on the amount of the bill.

Fun Money - I love vacations, fine dining, shopping, concerts, etc. Where will your money take Me? The possibilities are endless when it's at a pigs expense.

Membership has its Privileges, your reward, if I so choose, can be:

Exploring your fetishes and kinks.

Dedicated audio message telling you what a fucking loser you are and just why you need to serve GreenGoddess Cherry.

Panty/Ass Worship Session - I know you get aroused at the thought of worshiping My ass, and worn panties that have been up in My shitter all day, marinating in my essences, yummm!.

All of this becomes possible when you Load up your account and start draining it down, and put it where it rightfully belongs: In My Greedy Little Hands.

Click.Pay.Repeat. Lurkers' Click For A Quick $2 Pig Fix.