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Pain Slut- a submissive who serves by allowing and enjoying pain-one who takes all a Sir , Master or Mistress can give and thrives off of the pain, one who allows frustrations to be taken out in reference to a sexual experience. A strong submissive able to endure

Princess- One who demands to be spoiled- one who feels they deserve attention and financial spoiling-one who displays bratty diva like attitudes a weak brat striving for attention

I am Princess PainSlut one who will serve you by enduring your pains, pleasures and punishments. I want you to spank my ass until it is cherry red and stuff every hole while giving me all you have to vent and release, BUT when you are done, and I am almost worn out with my servitude to you- you really need to god damn treat me like your princess!

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I will assault myself with an arsenal of fetish toys for your pleasure, and you will spoil me for my services.

I will be your cum stained princess whore

I need to serve you

I need you to acknowledge my obedience by recognizing me for the Princess Slut that I am

I need you to take me into hand and leave marks on me, so I remember your discipline

I need you to buy me pretty things because I am your dirty pain slut

Give to me and I will serve you, take from me and I will pleasure your every twisted desire and fantasy. I live to serve and take away pain by taking into myself, but I am a PRINCESS and should be treated as such.

Spoil me, give into me and I will take all the pleasure and pain you have to give me.

Sometimes, like all Princesses I can be a brat a down right bitch, it is then that I really need to be taken in hand and taught a good old fashioned lesson as to who is the boss. But, remember, I am still a Princess.

Make no mistake I am a PainSlut and I am a Princess, I am you Princess Pain Slut, are you ready to play with me and spoil me for your own twisted means? I am ready to serve you and be spoiled for my efforts!

Please Sir, give this Princess Pain Slut something to cry about!

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$50 Tribute get you 2 free photos to look at while you IM me 3 times!

Yes Sir

I am a Princess

Spoil me

In Service of HellHard HammerStien

What are you waiting for? I am waiting for you to tribute me like a Princess so I can give into to you and let you abuse me like the dirty little pain slut I am!

Please Sir, do not make me wait long.


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Please do not FUCK with me, I really hate to give up my money to lawyers to pursue thieves, but i will!



Yes Sir

I am a dirty slut

Abuse me please