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I really implore you to know the answer to this question before you decide that I’m the Goddess for you. If you’re unsure about it, I will do my best in this post to clarify for you. In My world Financial Domination is much more than just receiving money from submissive men, it is a form of power exchange. When you ask Me to consider you for servitude, you’re not only expressing your willingness to submit your money, but your willingness to submit your power to me. “Power” is your intent, will, and desire to make decisions for yourself. You are exchanging your power for powerlessness. You desire to be powerless under the Divine Will of your Goddess and ready to be used however She desires. Of course, this does not always happen overnight. A relationship based on Trust, patience, and understanding needs to be built and maintained and there are plenty of ways that can be done. You must trust My capacity and desire to do what is in your best interest and LET GO. Let go of your need to control everything and let your Goddess be your guide. If you are unwilling to go down that path, then you are not the submissive for me. Some of you want to be humiliated, degraded, dehumanized, and feminized (amongst other fantasies) so badly, that you often become demanding. You, either by suggestion or implicitly, try to force your Domme into acting out these fantasies and/or playing on your terms . Sometimes you even go as far as feeling a sense of entitlement because you’re paying your Domme. This is not Goddess Worship, nor is it Financial Domination. What you want is an exchange of services for goods, not an exchange of power for powerlessness. You don’t want to be dominated, you want someone to cater to your particular interests. While that’s fine, that’s not what brought you to My domain, and it’s damn sure not what’s going to keep you here. While I do enjoy indulging in some of the fetishes of my boys, I do it on my terms and because it pleases me, not because they ask for it. I don’t cater to ANYONE but Myself. You’ll know you want to be dominated when all you can think about is how you can please Me. You may have other fetishes and sexual inclinations, but what you crave is deeper than that. More challenging. More-complicated. Self-sacrificing. Dangerous, and sometimes even a little scary. You want the thrill of your fate being in the hands of a Domineering and very complex woman. When your satisfaction is derived solely from the satisfaction of the woman you worship, you will know that you want to be Dominated.