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luxury-goddess has been a member since 06/12/2004

Lady Luna wants YOU as her new ATM!

I’m a young, spoiled brat, who is used to be pampered and served in every way possible. I live this life very open, that’s the reason I make an arrogant impression for some people.... I don’t care. Usually the ones who scream the loudest are the ones I abuse most....*smile*

You love it, when I bleed you white wihtout grace? THEN GO ON READING !!!

I will take your last Cent, I want everything what you have and more.
I want, that you raise loans for 1 ac5 me and put the money to my feet.
I want a house, a car, vacation trips and veeery much shopping....
WITH YOUR reward you receive humiliation and scornful laughter.

Subject you and come under my completly control!
Everything that counts is your money.
I want only your best: your money.
So ensure, that I get as much as possible of it.



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I set my aims very high. I do everything to reach them, usually on the cost of others.... The heck with it! Everybody pampers me anyway because nobody can resist my demanding attitude!

When I went out to parties or discos I always found a guy who wanted to pay my admission and drinks. Sometimes friends who wanted to suck up to me, or just random people who wanted to buy my attention. I always loved it to let those guys pay and give them nothing in return. I realised that they enjoyed it as well; therefore I had my first few paypigs as a teenager, who just waited at the discos to invite me and pay me! Sometimes I even had to reject some of them, they got really offended....*smile* Once you get used to such amenities, you don’t want to live without them anymore!!

Later on I found pleasure in demanding extravagant and expensive gifts from my admirers. Not because I desperately wanted them, but because I loved the have them buying me expensive gifts. Sometimes I threw them away or sold them. I’ve always loved the power I had over people to make them do what I wanted, just because I asked them to. Therefore I’ve never confined to accept the presents, no, I’ve always wanted more and I demanded more.

Today I prompt you silly creatures to work for my luxury and my amenities. Gift certificates, presents and money...a lot of money, that I can finance lavish lifestyle and you know what work for all day long!

I know, that you are horny, if you know, that I squander your money or buy me beautiful things of your hard earned money. But I couldn't care less, because I want to live my life in luxury. Your money is totally unimportant for me, I only want it, because it is entitled to me. You can live on subsistence level, as long as I feel well.
But don't think, that I am going to ruin you. From this I don't have anything. And if you have no more money, then think about knew possibilities, how you can get more. Or ask me, I always have any ideas. I have earned to spoil, so exert you dirty pigs!


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