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You will call me Goddess, because that is what I am. You will dedicate your life to me, because I say so. I am beautiful, and I am wanted and I am everything you live for, and for a price I can give you some time – but don’t go thinking you are important. I am not here to play games, I am only looking for useful people whom will serve me! If you are looking for someone to spank your ass and slap you around, just leave. I am cruel, and you will be my experiment until you can no longer afford it! I do what I want at all times, so don’t go thinking you will get any benefit besides knowing your getting some worth by serving me. I am well versed in the art of cashtration, and lets face it - my wants come before your needs. Domination is mostly mental, and the moment you message me - I am in your head and you are done for. There is no better use for the money you make then to fund my Queendom. Wether you live payday to payday or are doing well for yourself, you need to be a doormat for me. To help you out with my journey into your head, I will tell you 5 signs you need me to own you. 1. You visit my page more than once a day. 2. You constantly refresh your mailbox after you've messaged me waiting to see if I am replied, until I have. 3. You cancel plans/rush home to be wallet raped by me. 4. When people disrespect you, you know you deserve it, and it may even make you hard. 5. After a draining session, you find yourself dreaming about it, wanting it, needing it before you can afford it again. This is the sign of a true loser, and if reading that list has your little dick hard, then you are more pathetic than i thought. So stop worrying about someone you know finding out about this obsession of yours and succumb to me by laying offerings at my beautiful feet. Now slide your hand to your pants, reach inside your pocket and squeeze, feel that? Yeah, I want that. You’re big, fat, W-A-L-L-E-T. Oh did you think I meant your dick? If you can even consider it that - WRONG! If you can’t pay for my attention then you will be ignored, simple.