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Urhypnogoddess has been a member since 07/01/2003

Welcome to the World of Hypno Goddess


Goddess' Update -- September 2007

It has been a very long time since I've had live availability here, but I do hope to change that going forward into 2008. My health is about 90% of what it was pre-lung condition, attributed to exceptional healthcare, dedication to running, biking and holistic medicine, and my personal slave pig who has selflessly cared for me day in and day out since the onset of the debilitating infection.

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted into a doctorate program in my field. This prompted a move of geographical location creating new challenges in my life, but I look forward to the changes and new opportunities. The consultancy work continues to grow, keeping me quite busy and my mind sharp.

My availability for live sessions remains EXTREMELY LIMITED. Because I do not come here to check my requests daily, it would be wise to send me an email well ahead of time so we can make arrangements to set up your training or relaxation session. I recognize that this makes access near impossible for some, but challenge those who truly wish to serve me or train under me to remain dedicated to accessing me when they can. Be patient, and make sure that you are clear on what you seek from me in training. Experiencing one of my online recorded sessions is a fine way of validating that you and I will have a connection when you call.

Hypnotically - Goddess Samantha

Goddess Samantha

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is alot like daydreaming. When you daydream, you alter your sense of consciousness and engage in your fantasies. You are conscious and aware yet you remain oblivious to external distrations. Hypnosis is simply a technique that enables you to achieve that altered state deliberately, and perhaps under the direction of another person. The difference between the two is that in hypnosis, your mind is directed to specific goals or accomplishments. The hypnotist is the facilitator of those goals, accomplishments and fantasies. Almost everyone is capable of being hypnotized; it's a matter of wanting it and allowing it to happen. Under hypnosis, you cannot be forced to do anything against your will. Suggestions may be made that you will comply with or respond to because you want to. Hypnosis empowers the subject to become safe and protected and under someone else's control -- what a perfect form of dominance!!!!!

Some things that can be done with hypno dominance:

  • Mental Bondage and Discipline
  • Coerced Feminization, Bisexuality
  • Sensual Domination and Goddess Worship
  • Orgasm Control and Chastity
  • Lifestyle and Financial Management
  • Realization of Taboos in a safe environment

    Look into my eyes, slave.....go deeper

    Who is Hypno Goddess?

    I'm 26 years old, single, athletic and I am a slave owner. As you've already noticed, I have enchanting aqua-green eyes and a magical voice (click to listen to a sample). At 5 feet, 9 inches tall, I measure 34C, 22, 32. My less-than shoulder length hair is constantly changing styles and colors. I'm located on the east coast and am a graduate student heavily engrossed in the study of forensic psychology. I DO NOT accomodate any live in-person meetings or hypnosis sessions. I have a fulltime live-in slave and have no further need for additions to my family.

    Goddess Samantha

    What I enjoy

    I enjoy performing hypnotic domination on slaves and submissives. I am seeking a few deserving, generous pets to become my devout hypnoslaves. I particularly enjoy those who truly enjoy erotic mind control and manipulation, and those who desire to allow me free reign to explore their dark side, their deepest taboos.

    What they say

    "An earth-shattering WOW. That was easily the most engrossing, the most entrancing, the strictest, the most erotic, the most sincere hypnodomination session of my life."

    "I find the Goddess most captivating. She has me bound and awaiting her every word. Call if you dare to venture into her web of mental addiction."

    "Goddess is absolutely enchanting and can take over your entire body and mind. It is an amazing experience that all should experience as it is not the same at all as any of the other listings on Keen."

    "i am completely drained, yet never happier. Goddess is above all and over all."

    "Unbelievably sexy and my estimation, probably among the 5 best hypnodommes in the country (and i've had experience with over a dozen)."


    1) I am in control, and you will worship me for it.
    2) You will not be pushy or disrespectful, or you will be banished.
    3) I DO follow up on feedback that you leave me. If you have something to say or wish to discuss a session and its' contents, be a gentleman and TALK to me about it, rather than post bad feedback or nasty comments.
    4) I do ethical, professional hypnosis. I believe in karma -- if you do bad things to people, bad things will happen to you. I don't make you do things that are illegal or potentially harmful. (Immoral, perhaps!)

    I maintain a Gift Registry and a personal homepage. Ask when you call me!

    Goddess is a member of the following Keen groups: Hypnotique, Mind Lust, and True Financial Destruction.