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As the only child born to an Italian family, priviledge and being the center
of attention has always been a natural way of life for Me. I am the epitome of
beauty, intelligence, grace, and strength. In other words, total perfection.
I have always embraced the belief that this is MY world and there is a HIGH
price if you desire to be in it. Those that cannot afford My tastes, hobbies,
pleasures, and whims need not attempt to be part of My QUEENdom. If you
cannot offer what I desire..I simply find you useless and moot. Make no
mistake, this is no facade. I am THIS spoiled, arrogant, cruel, and narcissistic.
I truly take divine pleasure in molding men into boys...mere puppets in which
I have complete and utter control over. I revel in being THEE ALPHA BITCH!


You will become My property and make every sacrifice to further My happiness and pleasure.

Enduring My sadistic whims..whatever I feel like doling out at that moment will become

second nature to you. Everything will come second to My desires. You will feed My greed, dote

on My beauty, work harder & faster to afford My living in luxury. Your role as My puppet, My pet,

My lackee, My jester, My constant source of amusement will take first place over anything else

and you will do so willingly and happily.

** Brutality has never been so beautiful**

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