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Note: If this page is your first exposure to my work, I suggest you read one of the listings, which you can find at the bottom.

Your Introductory Call

In our first call I give you an overview of the kind of Tantra I teach. You can get a sense of me and ask questions. Nothing juicy happens in this call. If you are interested in beginning instruction, I can lead you through an introductory meditation.

Then it is up to you to decide whether you want to enter Phase One and proceed with serious instruction.

If you read this page before your first call, you will save money because I will not have to explain the phases and the nature of your involvement.

Tantra Tutoring as I teach it has three phases. You don’t get to touch your penis during calls until Phase Two, and you don’t cum with me until Phase Three. Also, you will not advance to the next phase until you master the previous one to my satisfaction and renew your commitment to the Covenant.

I suggest you run through the things we do during calls on your own at home. It is not required, but you will learn faster (and spend less money on calls) if you practice at your own pace between calls.

"Um, I have to meditate?"
This is probably not like any meditation you have heard about or tried. It gives you technical things to think about, and does not ask you to empty your mind of thoughts. It is better suited for the active Western mind than other Eastern meditation traditions.

Visualization is involved but it is a tool to move energy instead of just a way to relax. All calls are done seated in a chair.

Entering into this Covenant entails your understanding that this is NOT phone sex. If you are horny and want to cum right away, call someone else.

If at any time in your instruction you feel you must touch yourself or cum without my direction, you will politely excuse yourself and end the call -- AND pay a penance tribute of an amount determined by me.

Agreeing to the Covenant also means that you are ready to commit the effort and resources necessary to undertake Phase One.

The Covenant Tribute
Making a Covenant Tribute before Phase One signals that you:
1. will abide by the terms of this Covenant,
2. understand that instruction has three phases and involves multiple phone calls,
3. have the financial ability to undertake the curriculum, and
4. are ready to begin Phase One instruction.

The amount of your Covenant Tribute should reflect the value you assign to the work you are about to begin. It should be a "pragmatic stretch" -- i.e. not an easy amount of money to part with, but not so much that it interferes with your ability to pay for Phase One.

Phase One: Mastering the Orbit
Summary: Techniques for circulating chi (a.k.a. life force, energy, prana) through your body. I will teach you to collect chi and direct it using your will. The Orbit is the foundation of all Taoist meditation including Tantra. This phase is done completely clothed and without touching your genitals. It has nothing to do with sex, but it is a prerequisite for the next phases.

Phase Two: Meditating While Masturbating
Summary: Taoist "edging." You will learn new ways to pleasure yourself using breath, self-massage, pelvic muscle strengthening and other technical exercises. You will not cum during calls, but you will touch your body when and how I instruct.

Phase Three: Full Body Orgasms
Summary: Experience more fulfilling orgasms. You will learn to cum without ejaculating. Your non-ejaculatory orgasms will be a ride through increasingly intense waves instead of a single explosion. You will gain the discipline and ability to choose how long to "surf the waves" and when (or if) to ejaculate while you orgasm.

Cost and Call Lengths:
Some people complete Phase One in three calls. Others take a few calls to learn how to effectively move chi at will.

In every phase I tailor your calls to what I sense is happening in your body, so there is no set amount of time for any call. To get started, plan for at least 30 minutes for your first and second calls. After you master Phase One, call lengths will probably be shorter.

To repeat: A minimum of 30 minutes is required for the first instructional call, although 40 is recommended.

If you repeatedly put in a few minutes at a time I might block you. It is a violation of Niteflirt terms of service to create a new username in order to contact me after I block you.


1. Introductory Call

2. Decision to commit to the Covenant and begin instruction

3. Covenant Tribute

4. Niteflirt balance of at least $90

5. First Phase One instruction call