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You feel it deep down inside. It pains you to know what a loser you are, what a loser you have always been.

You saw that screw and it struck you, maybe even took your breath away. "That's me," you said to yourself. "I am screwed. I have been screwed my whole life."

Everyone around you appears to be utterly oblivious to the fact that you are the poser that you have always known yourself to be. You know it's just a matter of time before they find you out, don't you?

Women just ignore you, as though you were not even there. It's like you're invisible. It's almost as though there's cosmic list of who's important enough for women to pay attention to, and your name got left off the list. So you just don't count.

Of course women ignore you. Women just know what a loser you are. Why else do you have to pay women to listen to you, to speak with you, or even to ignore you? And you can't always get the best women, the cream of the crop, perfect princesses and goddess, to do that. Women like that get tired of losers like you.

Why would I have anything to do with a loser like you? I don't need you for anything. I have a black boyfriend with a 9-1/2" cock.

Why, that's what you need, too, isn't it? So give me a call.

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