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I knock on your hotel door! you hollar "come on in"! I slowly open the door and see you lying in the bad naked! I have on a short coat I drop it to the ground! I have on satin red panties and bra set! It is cold in the room so my big nipples are rock hard! You throw me down on the bed and kiss my neck, lips and years. Then I grab your face and stick my tongue down your throat and lick, lick, lick! I continue licking down your neck, belly, lick your waste and all around your cock. But, I refuse to suck your cock - I want to tease your ass!!! I slowly move up to your l ips again as you begged me to suck and deep throat that large cock of yours! I tell you I will only do tht if you 69 me! You stick that tounge up my cunt so far that I scream with move slowly and suck my clit and suck it so hard. Gently side a few fingers in my cunt and pound my pussy hard! I have your cock thrusting into my mouth..... all the way to the back of my throat! In and out and in and out! I brought a small gym bag in with me. You reach in and grab a dildo out of my bag.... You lube it up good and stick it into my ass. I beg you to insert that cock... into me deeper and deeper; while the vibe is going in my ass.......... you tell me NO I'm in charge and you'll get my cock after you suck me off! I suck faster and harder licking around the tip, down your shaft and suck your balls........ You let out a moan that the people in the next room could hear.... You cam all over my face ---- you bend down to kiss me and we lick it up together! By this point you need a break..... You excuse your self for a min and I shove another vibe up my pussy with HOT motion lotion on it..... You walk back into the room to find me with my legs up in the air, a toy in both holes and a huge clit stimulator going on!!!!!!!! You run over to me and pull my nipples till I hollar it feel so good. My hips and going up and down and up and down....... As if I were fucking you...... You want to make love to me sooo bad.... BUT NO! I announce as I always do "I"M comming baby" my legs, body and vocie all strat to tremble and shake..... I want the toys out of me I can't take it anymore. You tell me NO YOU ARE MY SLUT and gonna keep taking it...... You leave me shaking for about 5 min and then pull them all out. We kiss passionatly for several minutes--- only to find you on top of my shoving that cock that HUGE Cock inside of me. I squeeze down with all I have (pussy muscles) and make you squirm....... You keep fucking me until we both fall asleep.......... Ok - Is that a sample of something we could shoot for? Hugs and Kisses