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QueenVeda has been a member since 09/24/2015
To whom it may concern: all listings have been deleted - the camming and related services this account once provided are indefinitely ceased.
This is an permanent decision I have made and I ask both new and former customers to please respect that. Being a Flirt on this site has been a hell of an experience. I have so much love and gratitude for the awesome group of versatile, generous and kick-ass customers that have chose to do business with me, or supported me in any other way.

I will still be active on my QueenVeda account. The applicable quote here would be "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together" - While I am retiring my accounts camming services, i am also in the works of starting a new, different service to offer which would be directly aimed and marketed for the other Flirts on NF.

Veda's Designs is my (brand new, super beta testing mode) business I am launching. On my for sale menu will be custom-made/design to order NF Layouts and Templates. Custom-Made Buttons and Banners. Individual Photo Editing and Collages. Image hosting provided, coding provided, troubleshooting provided. See BEFORE you buy. All transactions directly through Niteflirt**
Upon joining and weeks thereafter, my listings didn't get any immediate callers, I wasn't getting messages, and no money was being made. So I did the necessary research, read the forums, learned the tips and tricks, compared my listings to the Top Flirt listings. I found it essential and recommend all newcomers to learn the way the website works. There are several different ways you can better promote your listing and market yourself.
The most obvious correlation between a successful and profitable listing was all in the presentation of said listing. Even I, in a researching unbiased state, preferred the presentable, artistic, well put together layouts in a listing in comparison to chunks of plain black text on top of a few pictures placed at random.
I had falsely assumed Google would show me sites with NF templates and the aesthetic fix to my listing would be free and easy. I browsed through about a dozen sites and truthfully all left me disappointed. (If you haven't I urge you to Google "NiteFlirt layouts" to form your own opinion) Many of them had been out of business for years. The rest had very basic templates for outrageous prices - some with additional charges for buttons, banners, headers and 'Installing/Coding Tutorial' One site's disclaimer reads: "Before Purchasing, PLEASE READ: Use of this template requires a prior, basic understanding of unzipping, HTML coding, FTP and image hosting. If you require assistance setting up this template, Template Setup Services are available at an additional cost."
Some examples
$20 NiteFlirt Template
$35 NiteFlirt Template I did not make a purchase that day but rather pulled together the 20 minute half-assed effort layout that is below. I do not deny it is absolutely subpar in quality and presentation to above examples, it is merely a placeholder until its replaced by a serious finished piece of my work. I am confident that my graphic and designing abilities will exceed the NF Templates and Layouts available to you for sale around the Internet.

*****March 1st Update

Today I am beginning to craft my portfolio. I intend for it to be mostly layouts/templates for Listings. Assorted buttons, banners, small graphics of the sort in the mix as well. As this is essentially the debut of my product, I am giving every ounce of effort and time and passion and hope the results are near perfection.
April 6th I will be publishing the finished portfolio, April 7th will be grand opening, everything will be set up on my end so business may begin.

Ideas and Suggestions are always welcome to my inbox! Along with questions, comments and concerns. :)
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