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Sallie is "The Sexual Psychic"
Now she's also the Psychic Seducer

Psychic Seduction =
Heal slut-shaming ...
Turn her into a slut ...
Make her/him want you

I've been "The Sexual Psychic" since 2009, when I started doing psychic reading and phone sex on Niteflirt. I've retired from the phone sex but still enjoy the freedom of speaking without inhibition with men who are seeking information and guidance for their sex lives.

Years of training and practice in meditation permit me to focus my mind. My body-based spiritual practices (chi kung, Tantra, Reiki, chakra healing etc) developed my skills. I have learned to direct and transmit energy as needed.

I am an "accidental psychic." I did not set out to be psychic, but instead I gradually became aware of my abilities throughout my lifetime. Once aware, I explored whether I could use those gifts on demand. I could. I am not fully telepathic, although that sometimes happens in the company of peope I know well. I am however able to feel people's emotions and sometimes physical sensations. I get flashes of pictures sent from outside me that shed light on a person's situation. I get streams of words whose meaning is often not obvious until they turn into a flow of full sentences and the meaning comes.

Meditation .......... Psychic data-gathering .......... Energetic broadcasts .......... Access to the unconscious .......... Hypnotic communication
Many talented practitioners use one or more of these techniques.
How many understand all five?

These abilities permit me to:

  • send images into a person's dreams,
  • dialogue with their sub- or unconscious,
  • inspire them to take sexual acts they previously refused,
  • relay sexual fantasies scripted as the customer wishes,
  • manifest horniness, and
  • direct that horniness toward you.

PLEASE NOTE: I am only able to connect with people you know. I can not read people who are strangers to you.

Call me now to discuss your situation.
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