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PrincessCloie has been a member since 04/08/2014
Why is money so sexy? Money is power. It's one way in our society that men still hold considerably more power than women, just look at the wage gap, the dearth of female billionaires, the incredible lack of high power female executives. I like taking that power from men, I adore it when men want to give it to me. Money is real. There are a thousand dorks online who claim that they will do anything, sacrifice anything, to please a woman like me. There's ten thousand ways to fake most of that. There is no way to fake cash. If you give it to me, there's less for you. People have a limited amount of it, they want it. They slave for their money, and in giving it to me they are slaving for me. Money is sacrifice. If some sweet slave gives me a thousand dollars to please me, he's giving up whatever else he could have spent that cash on. Knowing that shoes, a pedicure, a cute dress, and a few fun nights out for me equal tightening the budget for a man is delicious. Sacrifice does it for me in a very big way. Money is life energy. Each dollar a man earns represents a certain amount of time in his life that he's devoted, that he will never get back. It's a quick and easy way someone can give me hours and hours of his life, a true devotion. I guess I just love how money is real power, and I adore taking power from men in ways that actually effect their lives. Sacrifice is an amazingly huge turn on for me, and knowing that someone is so dedicated to my whims and desires that they are willing to go without things they need is seriously delicious. If they could bottle that flavor it would be the most amazing candy in the world. Too many people think of power exchange as something that only covers certain types of power, especially when it comes to men submitting to women. With bondage women can control someone physically larger. I've never been content just taking physical submission from one of my toys. I want to turn them into puppets, bent on pleasing me and easy to manipulate with the tiniest flicker of my finger. I am not content to own men's bodies, that's the simplest thing in the world for a beautiful woman. I want every part of them- mind, soul, heart, and most of all, wallet, completely devoted to me. Money is power. I want men to give me their power.

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