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I'm always lonely... and horny =^.^=

I just bought my very first plug and it's super small. Still hurts me. I have trouble with 2 fingers and can cum in under a minute without penetration at all.

Someone asked once, "Have you had training?" I braced myself through the laughing, thought of just saying, "No", as a cruel joke. Which is ultimately true and would have been way easier. I never take short cuts. Ocd struggles.

I've done some training of others in my younger years. Catered to my own weird tastes. I prefer to slave, pathetically worship. Empath. Compassionate enabler. I speak fluent gamer troll degredation and martial arts trained almost 20 years.

I need to have alphas that are not afraid of me fighting back when frisky. (Mostly means I need for them to be rougher) I've never been with someone who was pre-trained. Sadly. Stumbled infrequently on few who would wrestle and play with me. Mostly primals like myself would take to it.

I'm very compersianate to poly. But I myself will not share my body. Obsessive. My mentor calls me Geisha. My online roleplay friends swear by my sharing skills with their other romantic interests (turns me on to hear they're happy, even if it's not with me)

I can switch between both "roles" like water. Makes it tough hunting. Primal is strong. Can be submissive kitten or playful tiger depending on mood. Eternal slave first, I need pain bad, but if someone asks, I enjoy giving plenty.

"I don't shut open doors"~ Bryan Gozzling

"Hurt me!!" said the masochist. "No" said the sadist. </3

Personality Traits~

Favorite color: Green
Taurus, INFJ
Agnostic Buddhist Light-worker
Anarchist Sadist Muse
3.6 Deans List Finance Degree (duel majored for a year in Philosophy)

Top 3 lists:
MMOS: Wow, D3, GW2
Movies: Reservoir Dogs, American Mary, Joe Dirt
Cartoons: Rick & Morty, Invader Zim, Tenchi Muyo
Books: Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Joseph Campbell
Hobbies: Kayaking, Stonework (cab and facet machines)... porn count?

"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self." - Aristotle

"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing." - Socrates

"I'm a YES person raised in a NO environment" ~ Almost Famous

== Results ==
100% Bondage Giver
100% Bondage Receiver
100% Brat
100% Brat Tamer
100% Degradation Giver
100% Degradation Receiver
100% Dominant
100% Experimentalist
100% Masochist
100% Master/Mistress
100% Non-monogamist
100% Primal (Predator)
100% Primal (Prey)
100% Sadist
100% Slave
100% Submissive
100% Switch
75% Exhibitionist
75% Voyeur
51% All-Rounder
51% Pervert
25% Vanilla

Preliminary Research on Instinctive Mannerisms & Assessment of Animalistic Loving (PRIMAAL)
Results: You have reached 49 of 50 points, (98%)
You are definitely a Primal. You live for the hunt, and thrill to the chase, no matter who or what it is you seek, or how long it takes. You categorize everyone you meet as either predator or prey, and you don’t mind if the determination process gets messy. In fact, you quite like it that way. You can sense weakness and fear a mile away. You are guided by your instincts and senses, even when they run counter to reason and logic. You are fiercely loyal to your pack and a good friend to have