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Mistress Nykki

You want to please me?
Profess you undying love and adulation?
You think you're worthy
of what I have to say?
Proove it. Buy my screen name.

Not up to the challange?
Maybe you're not ready
for what I can do to you.
Maybe you just don't
know if you're man
enough to handle it.
Buy my stories.
See if you can take it.

$50 Tribute to your goddess, pig


What do I offer you? Nothing. What will I do to you?

  • CBT
  • Financial Domination
  • Humiliation:
  • Toys
  • Smoking fetish
    Open up, Ashtray...
  • Strap on worship
    (See me in action at
  • Denial
Fantasy Confession:
Tell me about how you wish for nothing more than to be waiting for me to come home every day on your hands and knees to lick my boots clean.
Hold Line:
Occasional giggle while reminding you that you're a worthless piece of shit.

I am the Princess. I am your Mistress.
As you are now, you are worthless, even as a plaything.
I will break you. I will mold you. I will make you my toy.
I will be your life. I will be your addiction.
You will not be able to live without being in my presence.

I am an expert in Humiliation.
I will push you to the limits of your own self.
I will degrade you more than any other ever will.
And you will respect me for it.

I am the Mistress of Psychology.
I will get inside your head.
I will see what gives you pleasure and pain.
I will twist them together.
You will learn to trust me for it.

I am the Mistress of Tolerance.
Do not overstep my boundries
for it would be as overstepping your own,
as I am a part of you.
When you breathe, you breath me in.
When you exhale, you exhale what I have replaced in you.
You are mine. I own you.

You do not approach a princess without a gift. Even the lowliest of vassels knows that. You want to know what I want?

Here's my wishlist.