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MistressFifthAvenueBabe has been a member since 07/17/2004

Hey you stupid ass, get up off that money right now so I can shop with it ! Take care of my financial needs without fail !!

I require all my piggy's,slaves and stupid losers, sissy boys, & sugar daddy's to empty out their wallets completely, max out all those credit cards ... be dedicated, loyal, faithful, a financial supporter of me! Yeah ,that's right, cause that's just the way it is.

Show me your obedient.

I dislike disobedience, galley wagers, that are always needing punishment, so give me what I need and deserve ! Man...don't try & get me annoyed with you !

Your best bet, is to pay me decent tributes to keep me pleased with you. REGULAR TRIBUTES will be expected because I love to shop at the MALLS.

Spoiling me rotten is your duty.Come along now !!

Pay up,your worthless, a loser, you can't resist spoiling me, you know this now don't you ? So don't give me any crap, obey me by listening to all my recordings .Catch my live call and jerk off for me.

Moan and groan in self gratification while I listen,laugh & ignore U !

Remember, I get what I want, whether your old or new here, Call, Listen, Obey, Tribute, & Pay !

I'm pretty,hot,sexy & have been spoiled all my life. I love to be pampered,love to soak in Expensive Bubble Baths,love Designer Clothes, Expensive Perfumes, Furs, Jewelry, make-up,and Dining out in high class restaurants,plus love to travel,then tell you all about what I brought with your money.

IF YOUR MAN ENOUGH to handle this, get ready to accept This Assignment...your MISSION, DUTY, & JOB is to take care of me.... make sure I can always buy and do the things I want !! Don't ever fail me. I'm well worth it all !!!!

Keep in mind, that I have a need to shop a lot, it's your job... loser,piggies,slaves to see that I continue to be able to !!! That's right...

What are you waiting for ? Tribute me now.

Obedience is a must. You know you have an Awesome Gift of Spoiling me totally and I love it ! It's plain and simple, do the math okay ? Your here to do a job and do it well 100%.Keep it up !.

Piggy's,loser's,slave's that will not fulfill my commands are useless to me. I hate those who can't pay ! Put up or shut up ! Got it ? Don't sit there like a bump on a log wasting my time, it's too valuable. Make me happy ! Whether your in the North, South, East or West, show me the best !

It just doesn't get any better than your hard working ass for my benefit !(WINK ) ! And you know it ! So you better show it by working your ass off for me! Get a second job, a part time job or something, it's not that hard to do ya know, whatever it takes, do it !

Prove yourself to me, be the best piggy,slave,and loser there is. Don't be lazy, get up off that lazy Ass of yours and get busy I said, I'm tired of waiting and I haven't got all day. Tribute me now because... this ain't Burger King honey,you can't always have it your way, but I can because I deserve to be pampered and spoiled ! Yeah that's right...I'm talking to you Stupid !( WINK ).


Remember it's All for me .... spoil me rotten, buy all the things in life I deserve ! You know you want to, so spoil me ! Come on, Spend it all wisely, "on me of course !!"

I'm a real tough cookie with a long history, so ya better hit me with your best shot and give me all you've got !

Spoil Me with A Shopping Spree Allowance $1000.00
Smaller Shopping Spree $500.00
Pay Tribute $250.00
Pay A Tribute $75.00
Pay Wanker Tax $30.00

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