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Bee The Misandrist

I'm Misandrist Bee, and I'm a 22 year old Black woman and FinDom. I have always had a deep disdain for men because of how they exert their social power over women. My never ending spite for men seemed to follow me into the Fetish World, where I learned that I'm a fear-inducing dominant woman who takes great pleasure in commanding, humiliating, degrading, blackmailing, mind controlling, and punishing men who know their identity to be inferior to me. I first learned of my nature to dominate men when I was having dinner with a White man who I met on a kink website. He was a married man who identified as Submissive. He invited me out for Italian food after we had several phone conversations, and he seemed so eager to prove himself to me. He would ask if I wanted more food or dessert or another drink. I liked that his bill was piling up because he wanted me to see him as worth my time. I felt like I deserved everything in his wallet. During the date, he asked me if I had ever been on better dates. I couldn't explain the feeling but I just felt like emasculating him. The fact that he was a White man on a date with a Black woman, and he figured that he would hear that it was the best date I had ever been on or could ever be on. I told him I had been on much better dates with much worthier men. He instantly frowned and asked me what he was doing wrong. I told him that he had not spent enough. That he was being cheap. He asked, "What are you? A whore?" I got up from the table and left him there with the bill. I walked to his car where he met me. We got in and the ride was silent back to my house. When we got there, I asked him what he had called me. He said, "I didn't mean to call you a whore. I'm sorry. I just meant that you were acting like one." I turned on the video camera on my phone and set it on the car. He was so busy still trying to explain himself that he didn't notice. I leaned in and began to make out with him while rubbing his crotch and he got so excited that he was even moaning. Just from being touched. What a fucking bitch. He began to caress my boobs and I grabbed my phone and stopped the video. Then I began to play it for him. I told him that I would be showing his wife the video and she could decide whether I was a whore or not. His face turned so red and he begged me not to share the video with anyone, especially not his wife. He took his driver's license out of his wallet and then threw the wallet in my lap. I took the wallet and spent over $2000 of his hard earned cash. But what was interesting is that he would call me and beg me to serve me after that day. I would manipulate his weak soul for his money. I felt he was pathetic otherwise. A loser who had nothing to live for except to be subservient. I would treat him like the useless vessel he is. He was a very strong devoted Catholic and I forced him to jack off and bust a nut on his Bible during church service. Then I punished him for doing it in the restroom where nobody could see him. Treating him in the worst ways imaginable and he still felt he owed his life to me. Until his money domination fetish finally caught up to him once his wife checked his emails and noticed he was obsessed with me. I look forward to making another bitch out of a man. Blackmailing, Humiliating, and Financially Dominating Men. . I live for it. Money is power in this society, especially for men. So the ultimate violation is for me to drain his wallet. And he is desperate to hand his money over to me because he knows his worth lies in my acknowledgment of him. Otherwise he is useless and a fucking nuisance. I enjoy mind fucking men. They need me because men are pathetic and they need to be told what to do. I don't believe men should ever think for themselves or do much without a woman's permission. If he does, I like to create punishments that he has never experienced before. Making him question his disgrace of an existence. He should serve me, give me all of his money, and obey me and maybe I will hate him just a little less. A man is lucky if I even allow him to be near me. He would only be there to take care of my needs.

I am going to take over your life. Tribute me and get in line.