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MadamCreole (15019 HOU) Tall, voluptuous, elegant, experienced, Louisiana Creole Black, soft but strong, and sexually-aggressive. Bi- sexual, too.

Mistress SavageRose (15216 UK) A strict English School-Marm who runs her own Dungeon Classroom by HER rules where Mistress is always right!

Mistress Katherine (15060 HOU) A pretty Domme who has turned an abusive husband into a devoted sub; whose grip will bring any sub to his knees; and who yields a nasty whip!

Mistress Serra (15233 LA) A vivacious, bright, voraciously beautiful Domme who makes her boys squeal while they kneel in her service. Don't miss your chance to serve her!

MystressWorld is devoted to Role Reversal Relationships where Superior, Dominant Women exercise control over the males (aka submales) in their lives. Women are better suited for the assumption of authority, control, and discipline in personal relationships. Most males have deep-rooted inner desire and need for Strong Feminine Authority in their adult lives, though many do not become aware of it until later in life. Even fewer are self-confident enough to explore these needs. The typical submale is masculine on the outside and in his vanilla world job/career, yet yearns to surrender all power in private to a strong, Dominant Woman. All ages from 21 to 65 and older, but 35 to 55 is most typical. The older submale often makes a good submale in service to the Dominant Women (aka Domme). Mystress has developed philosophies which explain this phenomena and techniques which allow the Domme to train the submale for long and meaningful service of her desires and pleasures. Sex, if any, in the D&s FemDom Relationship is always defined by the Woman. The submale is trained and conditioned to deliver that which she wants, and only that, as his own satisfaction. Her wish is his command. Discipline is involved in any training. Bondage too, given that the male is often physically larger than the Woman. Bondage and discipline, however, are merely means to an end .. which is the submale's loving obedience. All submales have a need for Strong Feminine Authority, but the focus of that need can usually be catagorized as one of three stereotypes:
  • the sissyboy, for whom feminization is the vital element of need,
  • the sex slave, for whom humiliating sexual usage is paramount,
  • the bad boy, for whom the need to be disciplined is most compelling.
There are other need catagories; often a submale has multiple needs. Mystress and the Dominant Women that she mentors are available here to explain and tutor the inquiring submale who may or may not be enrolled in the cybersub Prep School. Recorded by Mystress, the full set of audio lessons will be available 24 hrs a day for your initial study of a given topic. Then, you should arrange for Mystress or another MW-Tutor of your choice to discuss and guide you through the topic to her satisfaction. Note that these are all Women who have first come to Mystress seeking her mentorship .. aspiring to develop their own real desires for the lifestyle empowerment of femDominance. Each MW-Tutor Domme will have her own listing of topics that she is qualified and desirous of discussing with you.