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Sitting at his desk in his den staring off into space, White Fox is unaware of the door to his den being open by Snow Tigress. Quickly she slips in and closes the door behind her without making a sound. She leans back against the door and let her eyes roam over his body. Taking in the way the black leather pants hugs his hips and legs like a second skin.

She loves the way the shadows of light from the fireplace dances upon his bronze skin, giving it a soft glow. The black velvet chair enhancing his looks, making him appear almost godlike to her.

Noticing that White Fox is still in a daze she quietly walks over and stands behind him. She lets her hands slide slowly down the back of the chair until they are almost even with his shoulders, then Snow Tigress reaches out and tangles her fingers in his long black hair. It is soft and silky to the touch and she loves the feel of it against her skin.

It isn't until then that White Fox comes out of his trance and realizes that she is there with him. Quickly he reaches up and clamps his hands around her wrists and pulls her around onto his lap. Dark emerald green eyes twinkling with laughter meets his dark blue ones, reminding her of the ocean.

White Fox tries to look sternly at her, but she sees the laughter in his eyes. She burst out laughing, and he watches her with an amused grin on his face. He takes in the way her shoulders gently sway in laughter, and the way her breast rise and fall under the cream silk blouse that she is wearing. Slowly he lets his gaze travel down to her hips and notices how the black leather mini skirt hugs her hips. He puts one of his arms around her and slides the other underneath her and stands up.

Slowly he turns around and deposits her gently into the chair he just vacated and bends down to take off the black leather high heel boots she is wearing. His hands travel up the calf of her leg to her thigh where the beginning of the zipper is. Slowly he unzips the length of the boot revealing a shapely leg clad in black stockings, and slips the boot off.

As he does so he feels the soft touch of her hands playing with his hair again, lightly flicking it back and forth. He turns and pays the same attention to the other boot and leg. As soon as it is remove she leans over and gives him a deep and passionate kiss wrapping her arms around his neck.

Wrapped in each others arms they stand up together and continue to kiss. Snow Tigress manages to turn them around until the chair is once again behind White Fox, then she pulls back from him and gently pushes him into the chair. As he falls into the chair he starts to protest until she tells him: " Shush White Fox, just sit back and enjoy it." then bends down to slide his boots off of his feet. She tugs one off the proceed to remove his sock too. As she removes his sock she gently massages his foot. After ten minutes she turns and removes his other boot and sock lavishing the same treatment upon it.

When she is finish massaging his feet, she stands up to speak to White Fox. Your lordship, I will be back in but a minute. Just wait for me here and think about what ye would like for me to do. With that she leaves the room before he can answer or question her.

With that she leaves the room before he can answer or question her. White Fox sits and ponders upon Snow Tigresses words. True to her word she returns in a minute, carrying in her hands a bowl of water, bar of soap, and some lotion. Draped across one arm is a towel and a washcloth.

I am back me lordship, and just as soon as I am done here me lord I am yours to command..

"Oh ye are," he replies, "and will ye do all that I bid ye to do me lady?".

Aye yer lordship; that I will without complaint. However, I ask ye to set back and think of what ye would like to command me to do yer lordship as I wash thy feet. A luxury I am sure that ye will enjoy sire.

She then kneel down in front of him, and place his feet in the bowl of water. First she washes one then the other and dries them off. She then places a small amount of lotion in one hand and picks up his right foot. She begins rubbing the lotion onto his foot, gently massaging it. Starting with the tip of the toes she slowly works her way down to his heel, kneading and applying pressure to relieve the long day of stress he has been feeling.

When she is done with it she picks up his left foot and lavish the same attention upon it. When she is done she stands up and moves everything out of the way. "Now my lord I await yer command."

White Fox looks at Snow Tigress and smiles. Then in a low voice seductive voice he says: "Take down yer hair my lady, and please do it slowly in front of the fire."

Yes, my lord, she replies as she moves to stand in front of the fire. Slowly she reaches up and pulls the pins holding her hair out one by one. She lets it falls little by little until all of her long lustrous black hair has fallen down to past her buttocks. Now me lord what 'tis yer next command?

My lady Snow Tigress, my next command is for ye to remove yer clothing slowly where ye stand.

Aye me lordship, as ye wish and command.

Slowly she reaches up and begins to unbutton her blouse. Loosening one button at a time. She gently tugs the bottom of her cream blouse out of her skirt and unbutton the last button on it. Then she reaches up like she is going to slide it off her shoulders and then changes her mind.

Slowly she turns around so her back is facing him and reaches for the zipper to her skirt. She looks over her shoulder at him and smiles at him as she begins to seductively sash shay her hips back and forth to a beat that only she can hear. Slowly she begins to unzipped her skirt.

Once her skirt is completely unzipped; she inches it down over her hips. When it is down around her hips, she turns once more and faces White Fox. She continuities inching it down over her thighs and then lets it drop to the floor at her feet. She slides her blouse off her shoulders and let it glide down her arms to join the skirt at her feet. She steps out of the pile and black leather and cream silk.

Seductively Snow Tigress walks over to him and places his hand on the waist of her stockings. In a low soft voice that is almost a purr she says: My lord if ye would be so kind as to assist me in removing these.

Aye my lady, I 'twould be more then happy to assist ye in this.

She keeps her hands on top of his as he glides the stockings over her hips, down her thighs, and then down her calves to her feet. She leans overs and gives him a kiss every once in a while. Once the stockings have reached her feet she places her hands upon his board shoulders to help balance herself, and he helps her to step out of them.

As soon as she is free of the stockings she entangles her hands in his hair once more and pulls his head up to hers, until their lips meet. Hungrily she kisses him deep and passionately.

She then traces his lips with the tip of her tongue, and let it trail to his jaw where she proceeds to trace his jawline down to his throat. At his throat she lightly kisses and nips it with her teeth or licks it with her tongue.

Alternating between the three until she reaches the hallow at the base of his throat. Then she gently laps at the hallow with her tongue.

White Fox runs his hands up and down her gently and slowly, kneading her shoulders in the process. In a husky voice filled with desire he says: My lady twould ye be so kind as to remove what clothes I still have on?

Aye yer lordship, it twould be my pleasure. she replies in a low soft voice filled with just as much desire as his. I thought ye twould never ask.

She untangles her hands from his hair and lets them slide down over his chest, lightly raking her nails across the length of it. At the waist of his leather pants, she slides her fingers under them at his sides and then slides her hands around to the front where she unbuttons them.

Then she slowly slides the zipper of his jeans down. When she is finished unzipping them, she slides them down his hips ever so slowly and continues inch by inch down over his legs and calves. Next she helps him to step out of them.

As soon as he does she tosses them over to where her blouse and skirt lies. She then gently places her hands on the calves of his legs and slide her hands up. Just letting the tips of her nails rake against his skin as she continuers upward over the inside of his thighs. Then she slides her hands across them to the outside of his thighs and continues upwards over his hips.

Next she sweeps her hands across to just below his stomach, and replaces them with the tip of her tongue.

Snow Tigress looks up into White Fox's eyes and gives him a mischievous smile for a minute. Yer lordship is this to yer liking?

P>Aye no need to answer yer lordship I can see it in yer eyes.

She returns her attention back to what she was doing, and gently kisses and licks her way up his abdomen, stomach, and up to his chest. Once at his chest she pauses what she is doing for a moment.

Wondering why she had stop the sweet torment upon his body, White Fox asks: Yer lady why have ye stop? I 'twould like for ye to continue what ye are doing.

Instead of answering him she takes his hands and pulls him over to the bear rug lying in front of the fireplace and gently pushes him down upon it. Instead of joining his lordship right away she turns and seductively walks over to the icechest that is kept in the corner of his room and opens it.

She reaches inside of it and pulls out a couple of things that White Fox cannot see. He raises his eyebrows and looks at her, a question forming on his lips. Then he thinks better of it and decides to wait, since she is headin' back his way.

Snow Tigress saunters over to White Fox with mischievous grin on her face and a twinkle in her yes. Once she reaches his side she places a bowl and a container on the end table beside him. It is just out of his eyesight but before he can rise to take a peek she slides her black lace underwear down over her hips, thighs, and down the calves of her legs slowly; seductively before kneeling beside him. She leans over his chest her breast brushing against him.

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