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LadyVixen has been a member since 07/18/2015
FINALLY! A Real Life “50 Shades of Grey” For Her…… New York/Las Vegas Lady Vixen I am an East Coast, 30 year Fem Dom; 10 years as a professional Dominatrix and 20 years as a life style Fem Dom. Comes a time in your life you have to be you, and to hell with what people think! Once I stopped working in a very popular Manhattan Dungeon, I realized that the BDSM lifestyle was my true calling. It is whom I was born to be, the missing part of my miserable life! I joined various online BDSM communities to help me to grow in my new found freedom. I read and discussed as much as I could about my new life style. That is when I begin to understand and divide the fakes and flakes from the real deals! I can truly say that I have only encountered 3 true submissive men that were on the same page as I. The others that I came across were playing sex games. Wanting a quick freak fix is not true submission, that’s about serving the submissive, not the Dominatrix. Sex is, or should only be incorporated when a couple is in a relationship, this being Dominate or submissive! There are many various concepts of the BDSM acts. Some people even classify the business of a professional Dominatrix as a prostitute. If she is truly a real Dominatrix, nothing could be further from the truth! If you decide to use/pay a Pro Domme for whatever reason, and she is not your mate, and offer sex, run like hell. This is not only illegal, it is not what this lifestyle is about. Many high profile executives choose a Pro Dominatrix to have the pleasure of relinquishing their power for a few hours. For most, this is something they do not feel comfortable sharing with their wives. Most clients have a certain day or night that they have free to have this secret desire fulfilled. Again, no sex being involved, but by using a Pro Dominatrix, this alleviate the need to be that submissive that come when called, by a full time life style Fem Dom! Fem Dom – Live the life for her pleasure, want that submissive/slave, at her beckon call, (minus his work time). Pro Dominatrix – The person that role play for pay, for the clients few hours of mental pleasure. Understand, a female can be both, if she choose. Life style Fem Doms make the best Pro Domme because this is who she really is on a day to day bases. After many nights of wine and girlfriends talk around the kitchen table, I decided to start a business to answer other women questions. I have 3 girlfriends that we have been friends for over 40 years. They knew my lifestyle before I became public. I owe my thanks to them for helping me to see that other women may have questions, but are too embarrassed to ask. Being their friend it was easy to ask and discuss with them. Because of my experience in the BDSM lifestyle, I have created “High End Fantasy”. I am working with women to understand their Domme or Submissive side. I work on bringing out their alter ego, even if the BDSM lifestyle is not their cup of tea, a woman should always have the power to turn heads when she walk into a room. This power is different for every woman, but if they want/need to know that power, I am here to help. My first meeting is to give them a short questionnaire to determine if they are Dominating or submissive. Just for the record, being a female submissive is not necessary a bad thing, as long as this is your pleasure. Whatever her calling may be, I am here to help her improve upon it, allow her to wear it well. I am available for speaking engagements/round table discussions. (Female Groups/Male subs) Adult Radio/TV Shows/Discussions I am a Discipline/Domination Fem Dom, most of my work and my pleasure is in those areas. My site will be set up for private Q/A sessions for those wanting to be unknown. I teach role play for couples Are you Dom or sub? E-mail me to take your FREE EVALUATION! High End Fantasy