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LadyCy has been a member since 09/12/2001
From time to time I have crossed paths with others whose life commitments - based on past decisions and their personal integrity - does not allow them to venture into D/s or BDSM on a 24/7 basis. Still their fantasies remain, their need to serve or be served... How does one bring D/s into their daily lives with a vanilla partner? That is what I have found my forte to be, although not every vanilla partner is responsive, some level of reverse training offers comfort and a subtle fulfillment of those inner needs. Do you find pain and frustration in your unfulfilled needs? Do you dream about turning your partner into a spoiled bratty bitch that ravishes you and takes what you so freely would offer to someone like me? Your not a quiter! Why throw away so many years invested in a relationship? Lets try to mold this one into your fantasies. Take a chance, find the challenge, let me teach you how to regain whats lost in your relationship with your mate. D/s Bio I am a lifestyle latina FemDom. BBW by anglo standards (46-38-46), flaming copper red wavy tresses flow nearly to my waist, my honey brown eyes assess and cajole, as they see the depths of your desires. In stature, I am 5 feet 5 inches tall, but power is not linked to the physical towering although the right thigh high heeled boots always help. Rest assured it is your body and soul that I will touch, and your surrender I may accept. D/s Experience: 4+ years online and 17 years of real life experience. D/s Likes & Interests: D/s -("Mistress" should roll from your tongue like a prayer), B&D -(Did I hear you say "More" ?.... Excellent!!!), a bit of S&M -(For variety, you understand), and some edge play - (Because I can, of course) D/s Dislikes & Limits: No blood sports, golden showers, scat, children nor animals. There are too many other avenues of divine pleasure to dwell on those I find offensive.... I dont mind a man who is not like the rest, but by the same token I will be a challenge for any man. I am in search of one man who will prove to me that my definition of their gender is wrong. You will encounter a challenge at every turn, a doubt at every word, a chuckle at every promise, and a stare at every turn. I will watch and listen, test you and give you choices. Until I am satisfied that you are indeed different you will be treated like the rest. MY DEFINITIONs: D/s the need to give and the need to take, not sexual needs but the needs of the heart mind and soul to feel complete with a partner that yearns to make you whole. Domination The responsibility over the gift of submission. Respect Earned never taken unless offered Submission The gift offered by one of strength character and courage with a powerful identity who yearns for the ravishment of his/her dominant partner as trust and respect grows deeper. Lifestylers Those who have adopted D/s as a way of life with pride without shame and dont need to be powertripping inmature overgrown children walking in fetishgear just because it is fashionable. 24/7 D/s Relationships A normal one-on-one relationship with another human being without the bull of inhibitions, fear of judgment deceit and lack of trust. In Search Of A heterosexual emotionally mature adult submissive male who is not ashamed of submitting his strength and his character to a woman. Whose need to please and serve makes him proud. Who does not believe submissive is equivalent to doormat. An uninhibited man who thrives in giving pleasure as the reason for his existance in Her life. A submissive who is looking for a true D/s relationship and who understands that the term slave is not about ownership of property but of the heart. A man who still believes in honesty, trust, loyalty and respectful commitment to their Domme. If you are a swinger, a player, a vanilla male who has the image of a bitch in fetish clothes out of Hustler magazine, dont bother me... If you have fantasies you want fulfilled, the word Mistress doesnt mean I will be the reason you cheat on your wife/gf/mate. Im starting to believe there are no real submissive men left by what ive seen lately, so if u cant walk the walk dont talk the talk. A recently found expression of a submissive male who has come the closest to describing how a submissive should feel about his hunger for his Mistress: Deep within my heart is an unquenchable growl for you Miss Sophisticate. Wont you introduce yourself to me????? I wish to give you all of me for lifetimes of forever. I want what I can give! Like the reed in the wind I can only bend so far searching, before I break in despair. Women are supposed to be cherished and loved, Women are the givers of life. Everyday I learn, everyday I grow, everyday I share my life with special friends, I am a true love, sweet surrender is me. Love and Friendship are Completely Accepting, I aspire to achieve, soon I will be happy, I have high expectations. Personal Quote: From time to time I cross paths with someone who gives me hope. Be gentle with me, because I'm sensitive and would like to stay that way....Intimacy isn't a quest for org*sm, it's a communication of feelings that last forever. **with the writers consent to place his thoughts here... thank you! A whisper....a prayer! While I help others achieve their dreams, are you out there? That one man who will complete my life? I know your there, I feel you, I hear you, I sense your existance, come to me my Love, lets help the world together....