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Kitty English

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About Kitty English:

Bored at home and plus-size, Kitty loves to relax and flirt while her husband is away at work. Call her to tell her your fantasies and turn her on!

The English Kitty is a married 20-something housewife, bored at home while her husband works. Although she looks innocent, this is not actually true and she loves to hear men's fantasies. She loves to hear men orgasm and enjoys nothing more than to feel so, so sexy. In fact she may go as far as to say that is her calling in life!

The Naughty Corner

Bound To Please

I lean back in my chair, thinking about you. I close my eyes and think that I can feel your breath on my neck, teasing my gently. Slowly, I realise that your hands are on my shoulders, slipping my bra straps down and rubbing my soft, silky flesh tenderly. I murmur and you kiss my neck, making the murmur become more of a moan.

Your hands slip further forwards, over my shoulders and your fingers edge into my cleavage, kneading my breasts as you move your hands over my nipples. I lean my head back against you and inhale deeply, savouring your scent. The more I moan, the more intense your actions become and soon you are pinching and pulling at my nipples, all the while kissing and nipping at my neck. It’s only seconds before I’m ready to scream.

You step away, hearing me gasp and moan, knowing that if you don’t, the fun will be over sooner than anticipated. As you move in front of me I open my eyes and catch sight of your smooth skin, glowing in the dusky sunlight.

When you lean over me I shiver with delight, unable to move for fear of ruining the moment. You take a scarf from your pocket and tie my wrist to the chair arm, and then do the same with the other, leaving me somewhat bound. Teasingly, you run a hand down my stomach to my damp knickers and run your finger down what is obviously the opening of my pussy. As your finger goes further down I can’t help but wriggle and you use this to your advantage. Your free hand grazes the flesh of my hip and smoothes over my backside as you work my panties down.

Kneeling in front of me, you kiss my stomach, working your way down to my oh so damp pussy. I feel your breath on my bare skin and it makes me let out a growling moan. Unintentionally I open my legs further to allow you easier access to my sensitive area, but you have other ideas.

I feel a scarf binding my leg to the chair, and realise you had this planned all along. I feel your tongue parting my pussy lips and I moan. I can’t help it any more. By now I am completely bound to the chair, unable to move.

You stand up and step back. I swear I hear you say “Beg for it” as you walk away. Do I have a choice? There is no doubt in my mind you know what you have done. My thighs are dripping and my nipples are hard and puckered. It’s all I can do not to scream. I know you’ll be back to taste me and tease me. To feel me orgasm from your touch… you’ll be back and I know it.

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