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HollyValentine has been a member since 01/20/2009

My pleasure comes first always, you simply cannot enjoy yourself before you have provided for My desires first. I don't need you, but you need Me and My confident, assured direction and control. In order to serve Me correctly, you need to know what I enjoy.

Each of My pets is different and I treat them as such. Some are rich and some don't earn much but they make the effort for My happiness, they sacrifice trivial wants to make sure I get to enjoy Myself instead. I do not blackmail anyone, nor do I ruin anyone's lives (so please don't ask Me to). I get lots of emails everyday from misguided, empty-handed fools who did not take the time to find out about Me and just assumed I am here to be their Mistress who will abuse them so they can get off.

The ONLY way to gain My attention is to make an offering to Me. I have two hands, one to control your wallet, the other to control your cock. Take a look at this small selection of My pictures and try to imagine why I would waste a moment of My time with you for free.

You can't keep your eyes off My perfectly toned body, smooth skin, wicked smile and devastating eyes. My feet and legs hypnotize you into becoming My willing pay-pet eager to empty your wallet into Mine in the hopes it will please Me and you can be of use to Me.

And obey you will. With every click and pay comes another stroke earned, with every flex of My delicate ankle comes another twitch in your pants and an unloading of your wallet into Mine. Your money, your manhood, your mind - all MINE to do with as I please!

I know you would love to collect all of My delicious pictures, videos and wallpapers, all you have to do is give Me whatever I want.

After you have made an offering to Me, you may introduce yourself to Me via email.

If you want to serve Me, you need to show Me that you can in fact do so before contacting Me.

My Yahoo Messenger ID is private and made available only to those who prove their intention to provide for My happiness. If you can't make the effort to email Me, then you are not what I am looking for.

The best pets know what makes a goddess happy. Below you will find offerings from My favorite pets.

Use one of the options below to make your offering. It's the only way to gain My attention.

Travel is top on My list. I love to explore new countries and their cultures. I also love to read, go shopping, have the latest technology (I use an Apple Macbook) and the best cosmetics. I also love art and photography. I will only enjoy the best and it costs a lot of money, but that is why I have you here, to take on the cost of the things I want to enjoy.

I expect you to cater to My every desire no matter what you have to sacrifice in order to fulfill them. Your sole purpose is to provide for My pleasure. I am the only boss who will ever give you such delicious teasing. Many submissive males and lovesick admirers have worshipped Me online over the years, from Italy, the UK, France and Finland, to all over America and Australia. I will consider any male to serve Me if he has the intention to put My desires before his own and make them a reality for Me. My smile will become your motivation.

I accept only online, distance service from My pets. I have a collection of dedicated, devoted and deeply satisfied paypets who work hard each day to provide for Me the things I desire because putting Me first is most important to them. I enjoy long term relationships with each of My pets and they love to grow in their submission to Me. They know that I do not need to give My time and attention freely to just anyone. They all approached Me humbly and with offering in hand. If you demonstrate your intention to sacrifice for My happiness and provide for My comfortable and easy life and if you are sincere and submissive in your plead for My attention, then you will surely be considered.

Unlike others on the internet, I do not make Myself freely available to anyone who may be interested in a Woman who takes charge. I do not cater to the desires of men. I do not sit at home waiting for some male to contact Me and request that I perform in such a way that would be pleasing to him. I have no intention to live My life according to the desires of another person, least of all a male.

So if your first question in your mind is, "what can I do to please Her?", then you are very welcome to make your first tribute to Me so that I may acknowledge you. I do not stand for mediocrity or those who make no effort.

I know what I am worth, do you?

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