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My Listing Title

To use this listing template, select "View/source" in your browser window, then copy the entire page of code and save it as a text file in Notepad. Name it "simplelisting.txt". Then immediately save it as "simplelistingedit.txt". Keep the original file as a backup in case you mess up your editing the first time.

It's easier to make big edits in your text editor than that small listing edit window on Niteflirt, so edit changes in Notepad and then highlight and copy (Edit/Copy or CTRL-C) and paste (Edit/Paste or CTRL-V) them into your listing window to see how it looks.

This listing is just a box to hold your photos, text, and any buttons you may make. It will keep them from wandering around the page. You can eliminate the page background image by deleting the code in the "body" tag, "background="backgroundimage.gif", or you can replace it with your own image. Use a small image or your page may load very slowly.

To change the listing background, border, or text color, replace the color name ("BlanchedAlmond" for the background, "SaddleBrown" for the border or text) in the code with the colors of your choice from this list. Then switch out my images for your images by replacing the code. If your images are the too big, you should crop and/or resize them in a free photo editing program like PhotoFiltre rather than shrinking them using "height" and "width" properties.

Delete the "My Listing Title" between the "h1" and "/h1" tags and replace it with the message you want the customer to read. Then replace this tutorial text with text content of your own, making sure that at least a paragraph follows each image. Each paragraph is between "p" and "/p" tags, so it's easy to remove extra paragraphs. If you have blank spaces, think of more sexy things to write to interest the customer.

Then just copy the code and paste it into your listing edit box.

If you have buttons to sell, put them down below this. Delete my link and image code. Just replace the image in the Niteflirt button code with your own image, if you have one. Remember, that image is immediately after the "img src=' in the code. If you want them centered, put them between the "center" and "/center" tags below with text under each one describing what you're selling and how much you're charging.

Button to sell stuff

Button to sell stuff

Button to sell stuff

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