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Welcome to my circus...

I am Rachel; you may have stumbled across me on Twitter. Or my blogs. Or Quora. Or the Vice article I appeared in with my political work. Or my Vocal...

In other words, I do a lot of writing, and I am rather experienced in the industry. I started life as a phone-based Dominatrix in 2009 with a friend; since then I have gone on to other things. However, I have always retained a certain affinity for phone-based Domination - call it sentimentality, but it is where I first cut my teeth. I offer phone-based Domination because I enjoy it. Satisfy your curiosity however, and look at my Twitter/blogs - I'm sure you may find that I have both a skill for verbosity as well as somewhat of a cunning wit. Domination is a neat little umbrella for a variety of fetishes and whilst I may have my personal favourites, I do enjoy hearing new ones...



I am Scots-Italian, so yes, I have a Scottish accent but look stereotypically Italian. Yes, that is me in the photos. It sounds positively delightful purring down the phone, and it sounds terrifyingly sadistic when you piss me off. I drip sarcasm and do not suffer fools gladly, but I am quite warm and friendly with respectful individuals those who are not wasting my time. Owing to time zone differences (I am EST+5), you may find it more prudent to add me to your hot list and/or send me an email if I appear offline. I do respond to emails quite promptly.

Generally, I prefer to know what a submissive is looking for - again, blanket terms - and go from there. I am not interested in answering a call and barking down the line at someone straight away, although if that is your thing, I can be extremely vicious.. Conversely, I am also not interested in fake moaning that I'm just so horny baby either. Whilst I take myself with a pinch of salt, I do take my craft quite seriously.

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Mistress likes shoes
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