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I am getting ready to go back to school to finish off some undergrad courses and start lawschool. The first semester is going to be very expensive. Of course law school will be very expensive as well. For the first semester I need around $8300 ouchers. I have to get caught up on some older bills. Pay for my classes out of pocket I have to buy my books, do some work on a car I will be driving so everyone else will still have transportation and get some utilities back on at the other house. I have decided to use this account as a savings account to help me get there. The cost of calling this line is a little bit more than my other one but that is simply because of this. If you want a cheaper price then call me on Diane Callaway I will be happy to talk to you there. If you want a cam call as long as I am at home I will happily give you one with any call on this line. You can either purchase my skype Id, watch for it when I email it for free which I do often, or ask me for it.  I have been on Niteflirt for a number of years and I completely enjoy my time here. I am in my forties though most people would never know that to look at me. I have been playing since I left home I started out with girls just a few months after getting my own place and had my first threesome around that same time. I greatly enjoy my life and my sexuality. I have always been a take charge person so being dominant comes easily to me. I started enjoy cuckolding situations in my twenties and have never stopped. I like a man to do things for me because he wants to me be happy. I have a large collection of sexual toys for myself and for men that I am always adding to. There is just something about being that lady who feels the desire to explore new areas of fun. This is all about fantasy which makes our sexual world endless in nature. From the normal things people think about that could happen to the world of what could never happen but are still sexy in thought. I enjoy role plays and want to hear about yours.

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Fun Stuff For You And Me!

Have you ever wanted your own mp3 one that you can listen to over and over again? Check out this special I am doing that is just that. Your story line with your name and NEVER used anywhere else.

Grab bag special! Grab Bag One 3 cuckolding movies this will be three of my personal favorites. I might run this one again with three different movies but it will never be the same thing. Grab Bag Two 3 movies girl on girl now these are movies from my personal stock they are not me and Chilly Hicks though in some of the three girl ones she might be in them. Again if I run this again it will not be the same movies as the last set. Grab Bag Three 3 movies of girl guy these are hot fucking movies with NO CONDOMS! There may be some threesomes two girls and one guy movies too. Grab Bag Four 20 min skype call ;) make sure you ask before sending most days it is not an issue but just double check to make sure I am available or can set up a time for later. Grab Bag Five 3 mp3's if you have always wanted to check these out but never have wanted to take the leap here is your chance.

I am doing some fun custom offers to help with my journey back to school. I am only doing a limited amount of these so make sure you take advantage of them before they are gone! I will be doing 30 custom movies these will be completely dedicated to you. Your name through them they will never go up on the internet. The length will be determined by the content that is being done. They can be either solo, girl on girl, pov, or something else creative. The maximum length will be around 20 mins but I am flexible with what needs to get the movie done in a fun creative way. The next one is 30 custom picture sets again these will be yours and will never be used on the internet for anything. I do not normally do these so take advantage of this while I am. Finally I will be doing 30 custom stories written by me for you! I will do an mp3 of the story if you want that. Your story written for you with you as the main character. This is going to be a lot of fun but the number being produced is limited. Help me get back to lawschool and have a great time doing it!