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I’m the sultry, seductive, mesmerizing cam model and slave connoisseur Blake M Parker. You’ll realize in a few short minutes that I’m not your typical cam girl or financial dominatrix. I beat to the sound of my own drum and that is what makes you throb. I want you to be 100% engulfed in what I’m saying so allow me to squeeze a little precum before I tell you more about the girl you’re about to fall in love with. There is a moment where the desire becomes overwhelming, when a kiss starts an absolute need for more intimate physical contact. Your conscious thought immediately stops and animal instincts take over as a gentle kiss & soft touch become more passionate then rough. The mix of adrenaline, endorphins & pheromones have your pulse elevated and your pupils dialated, your entire body is in overdrive. Now that I’m confident that I have your undivided attention be prepared for the next few minutes to lose tract of time and be seduced by a true goddess. So strap yourselves in and please keep your hands to yourself. My favorite fetish is the one that will completely destroy and drain you over and over again, you lust after this on a daily basis with your dick in your hand, fantasizing about giving all your hard earned money away to a beautiful and powerful woman. You must be a wealthy, powerful, intelligent and successful man in the business world and in another world, my world you bow to me and willingly reduce yourself to becoming NOTHING but my junky. I AM Your queen, your fucking superior and you are a disgusting peon low life lame ass loser, cuck, sissy bitch, fuck toy, or whatever it is that you enjoy being called. I own you and no matter what you’re doing you know that at any moment I’ll say one word and instantly you’re transfixed and pulled into my world. There is no escaping so don’t even think about it. My goal is to make you have one purpose in life and that is sacrificing your pathetic existence for my luxuries. My wishes become your desires and your desires are what give you purpose. Beg me to drain your income and self esteem and when you have nothing left to give you’ll take out a loan just to provide me with the luxuries I deserve. The more I ask for the more your dick hardens and fills up only to shamefully erupt all over yourself. While the entire time you’ve been secretly wishing that you could explode all over my perfect beautiful tits. Allow me to enlighten your stupid ass while you're groveling at My feet, begging for attention. It’s never ever going to happen and you don’t deserve my attention at all. A woman of my caliber wouldn't dare give you the time of day, the only things you have that interest me at all is your bank account, wallet, credit cards, cash & savings . You will breathe only for me and you will work like an ox to make money for me. Your gonna show me how much you love me by giving it all to me, you cannot stop yourself from wanting me. You’re already addicted to my seductive and captivating ways. Beg Me to accept your feeble little tributes! You will become my pay pig, my human ATM, my cash monkey, YOU WERE BORN TO MAKE MY LIFE EASIER, TO MAKE ME RICH, TO MAKE ME ORGASM WHILE YOU RECEIVE NOTHING IN RETURN. I am your ultimate dream and after you hear about the submissive naughty little minx I can be you’re going to belong to me until the end of time. So listen carefully and continue to pull it till you shamefully explode. Only one cock has been able to control my dominate side, he is my alpha and has control of the reigns. He grabs me by my hips and pushes me against the wall, biting my lower lip mid-kiss, sweetly whispers don’t worry you’re going to enjoy this! He lifts me up holding me by my thighs as I wrap my arms tightly around him. He moves his hands to my waist and throws me on the bed face down with his hand at the small of my back to ensure I don’t move. He takes his hard throbbing cock and teases my asshole while biting my neck and kissing me ever so softly at first. That euphoric feeling of complete penetration consumes me and my pussy is overflowing with wetness he drives his huge cock all the way in balls deep. My ass is pleased and instantly I’m cumming out of both holes! Begging for him to fuck my naughty tight ass. He continues thrusting it in and out grabbing my throat and telling me softly in my ear what a filthy whore I am and only for him. He is my alpha and I must obey. Look no further gentlemen if you're looking to try to conquer the world, he gives you permission to try! Being your ULTIMATE SIN is what I have just become. This rule MUST be followed. Want to be under consideration to be a pet? Then send me lavish gifts or lots of cash!